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Ju Kou'Ou
Biographical Information
Age 50s
Gender Male
Hair Dark
State Chu
Professional Information
Classification Strategist
Occupation Strategist
Affiliates Chu Military
Man U Army
Manga Debut Chapter 650

Ju Ko'Ou is a strategist of Chu who stationed in the city of Juuko until his capture by Qin during Battle at Gecchi Plains.[1] He was born in a royal family of a small state and is known under the moniker "Sage of Juuko".[2]


Ju Ko'Ou is wears casual robes and a decorated hat. He is a short, middle-aged man with long black hair, a mustache, and a goatee.


Like the rest of Juuko's general, he isn't loyal to Chu, he is also a warmonger type. Unlike Sento'Un and Man'U who easily gets excited like the arrival of great general Moubu, he wasn't interested until the arrival of Wei army join hands with Qin army. He was more interested on strategies and tactical maneuver when he deciphered Go Hou Mei's decisions to ordered three armies to attack Gen'U forces tactically. 

Despite being the strategist of Juuko, he has great confidence with his fellow generals of Juuko that his tactics and strategy isn't much needed as each of them were Great Generals from minor nations. He has a habit of drinking Tea in the midst of battle with a special design High Tower Tea Table and Customize Tower seat to look at the Scene. He laughed at Qin-Wei army for being overly optimistic even when Juuko's being heavily pressured from pincer attack.

In recent events, he has taken an interests towards Man'U's sudden change of behavior which is cause by Mou Bu's determination. He holds great curiosity towards mankind's true nature which is the reason he became a scholar. He believes that mankind is foolish and that good and evil goes and in hand. Because of that dividing things into those two categories is impossible and pointless.


Ju Ko Ou was born in a royal family of a minor state. In the past he was a Confucian scholar who studied under Jun Shi. He sought to answer the question about mankind's true nature, but after a while he abandoned his studies to fight on the battlefield, because daydreaming at the desk became unbearable for him. Due to outstanding performance that match up against Chu generals he survived the fall of his state and continued to fight Chu. At some point he gave up and decided to serve Chu, then he was assigned and became part of Juuko's army.


War of the Three States Arc[]

Ju Ko'Ou was first introduced playing Gambling (Mahjong) along with his fellow Juuko Generals. When they received news of the incoming invasion of Qin led by Mou Bu of 30,000 men, they sally out an army of 80,000 strong men to meet against the Qin army at the plain. Leaving 5,000 men to defend Juuko city.

In the ensuing battle, Ju Ko Ou observed the battlefield from his high tower seat, feeling that this will be an interesting battle with the arrival of Tou Army of 20,000 men, but got bored with the Arrival of CHU reinforcements of 30,000 men led by Haku Rei and Kou Yoku. Believing this to be an easy win, he spent time drinking tea until the unexpected arrival of Wei army of 70,000 men led by Go Hou Mei.

With the sudden changed of event, he ordered the generals that were engaged to fall back and form a formation on their respective post. Gen'U and Haku Rei on right flank. Sen To'Un on the far middle. Kou Yoku and Man'U on left flank.

As the battle starts, Ju Ko Ou was intrigued by the careful yet efficiency of Wei army led by Go Hou Mei. Sending a thousand men reserved behind to assist Gen U men. Ordered Kou Yoku to handle Tou. The Chu advisors under Ju Ko Ou believes that Man U needs some advice, Ju Ko Ou state 'there's no need' as each Juuko Generals were once great generals that has waged war against Chu in the pasts, battled and slaughter every Chu generals that cross their paths.

As the battle continues, Gen U slain Ba Kai and with this, the Wei's entire offensive efficiency as a whole army has been reduced. Forcing Go Hou Mei to change strategy to have Wei army as support and Qin as offensive.

Despite the change of strategy, Ju Ko'Ou remain idle as he has confidence with his fellow Generals. It was this that he miscalculated as Man U, who usually competes with Sen To Un to reach to destroy the enemy HQ. Has instead remain defensive, allowing Tou and his men to pass through, as well as Mou Bu's army that managed to broke through Man U's army led by Rai Ki. Another miscalculation was that he underestimated Tou's overwhelming strength that allowed him to reach Chu HQ.

Expecting to die under Tou's blade, he was instead captured alive and had Chu HQ captured by Qin. The battle between Chu and Wei-Qin alliance on the first day was over. Tou, curious about Juuko army strange behavior, wish to ask Ju Ko'Ou who also wanted to See Mou Bu as he needs to tell the whole story about Juuko and army.

When Mou Bu arrived, Ju Ko'Ou told Tou that the Juuko army were no different from rest, they were just nothing, or have nowhere to go for they lost everything. He told stories that all fellow generals of Juuko share similar fate of having their nations surrendered to Chu. Gen'U, Sen To'Un, Man'U and himself fought on even when their nations surrender. But were broken after sometime. Man U and Sen To Un fared worst, not only their nation surrendered, but had their own people enslaved to become soldiers of Chu. Man'U, being the most tragic one, once cherished his homeland and people, and was regarded as a hero, but when they surrendered to Chu, not only did the king betrayed him, but the people who became Chu army turned against Man'U.

After telling to Qin what he wanted to say, he only ask that those who heard this story observe the event to the end. And hopefully there's more for Man'U's once thought to be a forever 'tragic and broken man'. 'If heavens allow it' Mou Bu and Man'U might clash again. After saying this, he made a last request of getting executed as he has nothing left to fight for. Tou rejected his last request and has been taken as prisoner to obtain more info for future preparations against Chu forces and that Ju Ko Ou is the only one who must see the final conclusion of Man'U's tragedy.


Strength 30
Leadership 88
Intelligence 96
Experience A

As a former Great General and grand strategist of a minor nation, Ju Ko'Ou is depicted as a man of great wisdom and foresight. He serves as the brain of Juuko Army and commands from a Strategist Tower while his companions lead from the front.

Physical Abilities[]

Ju Ko'Ou lacks a martial prowess or fighting abilities as he commands from a Strategist Tower. He doesn't have a weapon and doesn't wear armor, which fits his strategic warfare and mindset.

Tactical Abilities[]

As his title, Sage of Juuko and 'Cynicism of mankind' Junshi suggested, Ju Ko'Ou have great keen observations, knowledges of psychology and vast wisdom. This demonstrated his proof of his tactical abilities. Bringing out his fellow generals 'strength' to their best potential, Ju Ko'Ou does this through motivations or setting them where they best excel at. A good example was the conclusion that Man U's did not show his usual-true potential due to his change of heart during the clash against Mou Bu. He was able to decipher Go Hou Mei's careful but tactically maneuver of sending three generals to charge simultaneously, yet knowing that Gen'U and Haku Rei can handle it without his order. Aware of Haku Rei's and Kou Yoku's grudge against Tou, Jo Ko'Ou sent Kou Yoku to handle Tou that greatly motivates Kou Yoku. Asides that, he also sent Sen To'Un in far center knowing that he'll be clash by Qin-Wei, which motivated Sen To Un to make suicidal but devastating results.

In addition, he observed and make on-point conclusions just by a short-span of time, such as the unusual cooperation of Qin-Wei alliance despite their hostilities and first time meet.


Ju Ko Ou grinned with excitement.png
Ju Ko'Ou grinned with excitement
Ju Ko Ou taken captive by Quin Army.png
Ju Ko Ou captured by Tou Army
Ju Ko Ou asks Tou to behead him.png
Ju Ko'Ou asks Tou to behead him


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