Jo is one of numerous small states hidden in remote areas and mountains that have yet to be absorbed by the larger states. The reason Jo has managed to survive is because Jo is under the protection of Wei, Zhao, and Chu. The state's livelihood depends on selling information. Among the seven states only a handful of officials know of their existence.


Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

On the way back from Chu borders, Bi Hei spots someone in the distance and yells enemy attack. Kou quickly corrects Bi Hei and upon investigation discover a young boy by the name of Shuu who is wounded with multiple arrows. He ask for help to save his mom and city. The Hi Shin Unit never heard of this city and inquire which state it belongs to, only to be told by Shuu the city Jo is a small independent State. The Hi Shin Unit quickly head to the city where they discover multiple bodies of women and children. In the back of the city they can hear the Han soldiers attempting to break through the inner fort to the surviving citizens. The Hi Shin Unit attacks the Han soldiers after Shin confirmed with Ka Ryo Ten that it won't cause any problems for the Higher Ups of Qin. The begin to overwhelm the enemy when there 2000-Man Commander Ba Kan showed up and cut down a few cavalry soldiers. Shin enters a duel with Ba Kan and quickly kills the Commander. The remaining Han soldiers retreated immediately after the fall of their Commander. The elder of Jo along with the citizens thank them for their help. They inform Shin and Ten how they have managed to exist for so long without much trouble. They then gave them a detailed map of the area as a thank you gift.

Noticible Citizens Edit

Jo Elder portrait
Shuu's (Jo) Mother portrait
Shuu's Mother
Shuu portrait



Jo is located in a mountain area and borders the states of Chu, Wei and Zhao.


Manga Edit

State of Jo set ablaze
State of Jo set ablaze

Anime Edit

State Of Jo anime portrait
State of Jo
State Of Jo's Location anime S2
Jo's location
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