The Hou Ken Army is an army led by great general Hou Ken of Zhao.

Hou Ken Army
Hou Ken Army 1.png
Chinese Pang Nuan Army
Group Information
Status Active
Leader Hou Ken
State Zhao
Birth Place Kantan
Professional Information
Classification 120,000 Men
Affiliates Zhao Military
Specialty Elite infantry and Cavalry
Goal(s) To Kill Ou Ki
Prominent Personnels
Great General(s) Hou Ken
General(s) Kou Son Ryuu
Man Goku
Ri Haku
Fuu Ki
Shou Mou
Commander(s) Gou Ran
Sei Mei
Strategist(s) Chou Sou
Manga Debut Chapter 108

History[edit | edit source]

After the loss of the old Three Great Heavens, this was the first army sent out under king Tou Jou's orders to invade Qin' with its an army of elite soldiers led by one of the new Three Great Heavens.

Story[edit | edit source]

Battle of Bayou Arc[edit | edit source]

Battle of Baou[edit | edit source]

Under the orders of Tou Jou, the king of Zhao Hou Ken was appointed commander-in-chief of an elite army numbering 120,000 men strong with the order of invading Qin's land. Kou Son Ryuu who was Vice General took command of the first siege. He is seen ordering the Zhao archers forward in order to lay waste to the city of Baou. The city of Baou didn't even last a day before it was taken out and it's Lord, Dan Shi was slain sometime during the siege. During the siege, Man Goku took a detachment of 20,000 soldiers and attacked villages around Baou for revenge against the Qin for those who of Zhao who died during Chouhei's massacre. He then gets word that the Kou Son Ryuu has taken the castle and tells a messenger he will return to the main army so they can siege Bayou city.

Battle of Bayou[edit | edit source]

Man Goku is seen rejoining the main army of Zhao and is standing behind a shield unit at the frontline of the army that's sieging the city of Bayou. His guards tell him he should fall back since he is sitting on his horse within the archer range. Eight days later Ou Ki and his army made of his personal soldiers and a bunch of Militia march up to the outskirts of the city. Man Goku orders his men to ignore the Ou Ki Army and keep sieging Bayou. Since Kou Son Ryuu was moving to set up a line formation behind the Zhao army to intercept the Qin army which was marching towards them. However, Ou Ki orders his troops to advance right to Kan Plains. Kou Son Ryuu sees then tries to wonder what the Qin army is up to. Chou Sou then appears and says it's most likely a bait setu[ by Ou Ki. Hou Ken arrives soon after along with generals Ri Haku, Shou Mou, and Fuu Ki. Hou Ken asks why the Ou Ki army hasn't attack yet, which Chou Sou says he believes he wants to have the battle at Kan Plains just south of Bayou. Kan plains was a wasteland with many obstructions in the way so the Zhao couldn't use it's cavalry's mobility. Shou Mou suggests they should ignore Ou Ki like Man Goku is already doing and instead take out Bayou city since it will have no reinforcements now. He is then informed it would be unwise to leave there backs open like that and continue the siege since what happened to the Qin cities was irrelevant, to begin with.

Battle of Kan Plains[edit | edit source]

Both sides have set up their armies into 5 separate armies. The Zhao was as followed: Ri Haku was in charge of the Central Army numbering 20,000 Men. Shou Mou was in charge of the Left Army numbering 20,000 Men. Fuu Ki was in charge of the Right Army numbering 20,000 Men. Kou Son Ryuu - was in charge of the Central Reserve Army numbering 20,000 Men. Man Goku was in charge of the Left Reserve Army numbering 20,000 Men. Then Finally Hou Ken & Chou Sou were in charge of the headquarters behind the Central Army on the top of the mountains numbering 20,000 Men.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Commander-in-chief[edit | edit source]

Hou Ken portrait.PNG
Hou Ken
Great General
Three Great Heavens
Slain by Shin

[edit | edit source]

Strategist[edit | edit source]

Chou Sou portrait.png
Chou Sou
Slain by Tou

Generals[edit | edit source]

Rihaku portrait.png
Ri Haku
Leader of Ri Haku Army
"General of Defense"
Kou Son Ryuu 2.png
Kou Son Ryuu
Leader of Kou Son Ryuu Army
"All-Rounder General"
Man Goku.png
Man Goku
Leader of Man Goku Army
"General of Assault"
Slain by Shin
Shou Mou.png
Shou Mou
Leader of Shou Mou Army
"General of Destruction"
Slain by Ou Ki
Fuuki portrait.png
Fuu Ki
Leader of Fuu Ki Army
"Strategical General"
Slain by Shin

Commanders[edit | edit source]

Gou Ran.png
Gou Ran
Ri Haku Army
1,000 Man Commander
Slain by Mou Bu
Sei Mei 2.png
Seiu 2.png
Shuu charges.PNG
Fuu Ki Army
Slain by Kyou Kai
Kai Shin.png

Forces[edit | edit source]

Armies[edit | edit source]

Ri Haku Army 2.png
Ri Haku Army
Central Army: 20,000 Men
Shou Mou Army.png
Shou Mou Army
Left Army: 20,000 Men
Fuu Ki.png
Fuu Ki Army
Right Army: 20,000 Men
Kou Son Ryuu Army.png
Kou Son Ryuu Army
Central Reserve Army: 20,000 Men
Man Goku Army.png
Man Goku Army
Left Reserve Army: 20,000 Men
Chou Sou Army.png
Hou Ken & Chou Sou Army
Headquarters: 20,000 Men
12,000 Men When vs Ou Ki

Units[edit | edit source]

Gou Ran unit.png
Gou Ran Unit
Heavy Cavarly
Ri Haku Army
No image.PNG
Setsu Shou Unit
Chou Sou Army
Death: Tou
Sei Ko Unit.png
Sei Ko Unit
HQ Cavalry
Fuu Ki Army
Death: Kan Ou
No image.PNG
Koku Rai Unit
Heavy Infantry
Fuu Ki Army
No image.PNG
Koku Rei Unit
Heavy Infantry
Fuu Ki Army
No image.PNG
No image.PNG
No image.PNG
No image.PNG
Fuu Ki Bodyguard Unit.png
Fuu Ki Bodyguard Unit
300 Swordmen

Situational Members[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Zhao soldiers in this army are a gathering of elite infantry and cavalry.

Army Formations[edit | edit source]

Chou Sou Army Heavy Infantry.png
Chou Sou Army
Heavy Infantry
Chou Sou Army Spear Soldiers.png
Chou Sou Army
Spear Infantry
Fuu Ki Army Archers.png
Fuu Ki Army
Fuu Ki Army Heavy infantry.png
Fuu Ki Army
Heavy infantry
Fuu Ki Army Cavarly.png
Fuu Ki Army
Fuu Ki Army Milita.png
Fuu Ki Army
Militia Infantry
Fuu Ki Army Scouts.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Hou Ken Army 1.png
Army Commanders
Fuu Ki bodyguard Commander Dies.png
Fuu Ki bodyguard Commander Dies

[edit | edit source]

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