Jin invaded Qin as soon as they heard that Qin had famine. If it wasn't for the aid of the mountain people, Qin would have been annihilated.

History[edit | edit source]

The 14th year of Boku Kou reign, The king asked their neighboring state Jin for aid as the Qin suffered from famine. He hoped that they will show the same cutesy as he shown them last year when Jin suffered from famine. Boku Kou supplied them with food and hoped they would do the same. This was however not the case as they rallied an army in order to invade Qin. Boku Kou was enraged and he stood in the vanguard himself. With its greater morale, the qin army excelled against the great state of Jin in the opening of the war. But the shortage of supplies, mainly food and water made Qin lose strength as time passed. Making the state of war shift in Jin favor. Boku Kou was then surrounded by Jin army as the by a stroke of luck a group of 300 mountain people came to Qin aid. They are known as the Horse & Liquor Force. They came to repay the debt incurred towards Boku Kou. Not only did they route the Jin army, but they also captured their king and brought him before Boku Kou. However, their ferocity displayed during the fighting was so fierce that even their own Qin allies were greatly fearful of them.

Location[edit | edit source]

The invasion took place in Qin.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Jin army.png
Jin Army
Boku Kou army.png
Boku Kou Army
Horse & Liquor Force.png
Horse & Liquor Force
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