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Hi Shin Unit colored gallery.PNG
The Hi Shin Unit's portrait in the colored gallery.
The New Hi Shin Unit.
Hi Shin Unit squad leaders.PNG
1st–10th Squad Leaders
(100-Man Unit)
Hi Shin Unit squad leaders part2.PNG
11th–20th Squad Leaders
(100-Man Unit)
Hi Shin Unit promoted to 1000-Man Unit.png
Hi Shin Unit Rejoices After Being Promoted to 1,000-Man Unit
Sanyou Campaign
Kyoukai departs.jpg
Hi Shin Unit say farewell to Kyou Kai as she leaves for her journey
Hi Shin Unit portrait.png
Independent Marauding 1,000-Man Unit
Risei Region Subjugation
The Hi Shin Unit to the Rescue!!.png
The Hi Shin Unit arrives to save the Duke Hyou Army from certain defeat at the of the Man Goku Army during the Coalition's Invasion.
Ka Ryo Ten arrives.png
Hi Shin Unit's Strategist arrives
Risei Region Subjugation
Hi Shin Unit newly formed 3000-man.png
Newly Formed 3,000-Man Hi Shin Unit
Hi Shin Unit 3000-man strong.png
Hi Shin Unit's first mission as a 3,000-Man Unit
The Hi Shin Unit as seen in Kyou Kai's vision.
Gouriki tactic.PNG
Hi Shin Unit's Gouriki Tactic
Conspiracy in the Court Arc
Hi Shin Unit 5000 man.jpg
Independent Marauding 5,000-Man Hi Shin Unit
Hi Shin Unit capturing Sanki City.PNG
Ten overseeing the siege of the castle of Sanki City (Wei)
State of Ai Arc
Shin Saves Kyou Kai From Kei Sha's Men.PNG
Shin saves Kyou Kai from Kei Sha's men
Koku You Campaign
trials during the recruitment
Bureaucrats Job Arc
Den yuu unit.png

Den Yuu unit loses soldiers
Hi Shin unit Camp.png
Hi Shin unit Camp
Hi Shin Unit Camp in winter.png
Hi Shin Unit Camp during the winter
Hi Shin Unit 1,000 Men.png
Hi Shin Unit 1,000 Man Unit
Hi Shin Unit Commanders.png
Hi Shin Unit Commanders
Hi Shin Unit in forest.png
Hi Shin Unit in a forest
Hi Shin Army organization chart, chap 643.png
Hi Shin Army
(15,000-Man Army)
Hi Shin Unit Mourns Over Bi Tou's Death anime S1.PNG
Hi Shin Unit mourns over Bi Tou's death
Hi Shin Unit's Remnants anime S1.PNG
Hi Shin Unit's remnants
Shou Mou Army Confronts The Hi Shin Unit anime S1.PNG
Hi Shin Unit confronted by the Shou Mou Army
Hi Shin Unit Smiling Anime S2.png
Hi Shin Unit's known members
Warrior fight.jpg
Hi Shin Unit appears before the Wei soldiers
Hi Shin Unit Cuts It's Way Through The Wei Soldiers anime S2.PNG
Hi Shin Unit cuts it's way through the Wei soldiers
Hi Shin Unit Anime S2.jpg
Hi Shin Unit ambushes
Monster Strength Trio anime portrait.PNG
Hi Shin Unit's Monster Strength Trio
Newly Formed 1000-Man Hi Shin Unit anime S2.PNG
Newly formed 1,000-Man Hi Shin Unit
Hi Shin Unit Plans For Their Battle Plan anime S2.PNG
Hi Shin Unit plans for their battle plan
Hi Shin Unit Stops Rin Ko Army's Advance anime S2.PNG
Hi Shin Unit stops Rin Ko Army's advance
Hi Shin Unit Finds Out Kyou Kai's Real Gender anime S2.PNG
Hi Shin Unit finds out Kyou Kai's real gender
Hi Shin Unit Farewells To Kyou Kai As She Was About To Depart anime S2.PNG
Hi Shin Unit farewells to Kyou Kai as she's about to depart
Hi Shin Unit's Surprise Attack Against Ba Kan Unit anime S2.PNG
Shin Unit's surprise attack against Ba Kan Unit
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