About the Army
Hi Shin Army
Hi Shin Unit portrait543.png
Chinese Fei Xin Force
Romaji Hii Shin Unit
Group Information
Status Active
Age 5 months
(9 years as a unit)
Founder Ou Ki
Leader Ri Shin
State Qin
Residence Fuuri, Qin
Location Gyou
Birth Place Bayou, Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Special Army

Marauding Unit

Affiliates Qin Military
Rank 15'000-Man Unit

10'000 under Ri Shin
5000 under Kyou Kai

Specialty Turning the tides in battles
Slaying Enemy Commanders
Goal(s) Help their general, Ri Shin to achieve his dream in becoming a Great General.
Prominent Personnels
General(s) Ri Shin
Commander(s) Kyou Kai
So Sui
Gaku Rai
Na Ki
Den Yuu
Lieutenant(s) Kyou Kai
So Sui
Strategist(s) Ka Ryo Ten

Kyou Kai

Group(s) Kyou Kai Unit
Na Ki Unit
Hi Hyou Unit
Kaku Bi Unit
Blue Stone Tribe
Manga Debut Chapter 643

The Hi Shin Army or Fei Xin Force (Fast and Trustworthy/Flying Arrow) is a Qin military unit commanded by Ri Shin, a special unit (sometimes called "independent marauding unit") that currently consists of 15,000 men.

Organization:[edit | edit source]

Hi Shin army 15k.PNG

Flags:[edit | edit source]

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