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Chinese Bi
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Age Mid 30s
Gender Male
Eyes Viridian
Hair Viridian
Skin Light Brown
State Qin
Location Ryouyou, Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Heki Army
Ei Sei Faction
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Japanese VA Koji Yusa
English VA Nicholas Leung
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Anime Debut Episode 7
Heki is an officer with true achievements under his belt.

Ka Ryo Ten referring to Heki's ability.

Heki is a General of the Qin Military and the leader of the Heki Army and a former vassal of Shou Bun Kun.


Heki has long hair, a long goatee, and a mustache, He wears the armor of a general along with a helmet with spikes on the sides.


Possess undying loyal to Shou Bun Kun and his king, Ei Sei. He also seems pretty knowledgeable and is the one to tell the group about the Horse & Liquor Force, He is very caring and looks out for Shin as a little brother, and also cares about all of his troops. He has a crush on Yo Tan Wa since he first saw her. 


During the Sei Kyou Rebellion, Heki felt the pain of how powerless he was. Given the key factors in their victory was Sei's initiative, the mountain tribe's overwhelming strength, and Shin's fierce struggle. He and Shou Bun Kun considered themselves to be Sei's retainers and yet, they were completely useless. But they wonder how on earth they will be able to support Sei against the Ryo Fui Faction? And how they would be able to assist him when he sets out for China? After a long discussion, they came to a resolution, they had to climb to even greater heights, and obtain even greater power. Shou Bun Kun would climb to the top of the bureaucracy and become a chancellor. While Heki would aim for the pinnacle of the military, and become a Great General.


Heki comes from a noble family which is often joked about by others leading towards his success with in the Qin Military. He eventually entered the army and became one of Shou Bun Kun's vassals and Lieutenant of his army.


Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc[]

Heki makes his first appearance when he looked back at a dejected Shin. He also is the one to tell Shin the story behind Hyou's death and he refers to Hyou respectfully as a lord. During the Sei Kyou Rebellion he, ShinTajifu, and Ba Jio infiltrate the palace through a secret passage, he wounds and gets seriously wounded by Sa Ji.

Keiyou Campaign Arc[]

After the dethroning of Sei Kyou and the return of Ryo Fui, he is made a 1000-Man Commander in the Keiyou Campaign against the Wei army led By Go Kei. He fights bravely but is scolded by Baku Koshin, also a 1000-Man Commander, because he is too soft towards the foot soldiers. Later in the same fight, he backs up the commander-in-chief, Duke Hyou to prove to Ou Ki that not only the generals decide the battle.

Assassination Plot Arc[]

Heki is first seen at Shou Bun Kun estates wondering if the remnants of the Ketsu Shi’s Faction are responsible for the assassination of eleven political figures.

Battle of Bayou Arc[]

Alliance Arc[]

One month after the Qin-Zhao alliance, Heki visits Shin on the frontlines. Heki was in the middle of a trip to Asui where he had some business to attend to with Duke Hyou. He informs Shin the Wei invasion campaign is drawing close. And since the Duke along with Mou Gou, has been nominated as potential candidates to lead the campaign, Heki has been sent to ask Duke Hyou for his opinion. He informs Shin that this information is top secret but he decided to go out of his way to inform Shin and if he wishes to jump up the ranks quickly, getting big accomplishments in large campaigns like these are the best choice. However, that will only be possible if Shin and his men are posted at important positions within the army. So until then, Shin had to make the effort to earn as much merit as he can, no matter how small it may be, he had to do anything he could to secure a better position for himself in the upcoming campaign.

Third Faction Arc[]

He was seen angry that “this third faction” committed a capital crime by forging the royal seal. After Shou Bun Kun told him the third faction is the Royal Harem he was relieved saying the King’s Mother would definitely accept the King’s request for an alliance.

Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

In the Sanyou Campaign, he is assigned to the Ou Sen Army and is present when the vice general conquers the Wei city of Sanbi commenting on how fast the city was taken. On the fifth day of battle, he orders his men to hold firm as they fight against Kyou En's troops in the mountains. Upon hearing that Ou Sen's main army retreated to the rear, he finds this odd and wonders what plan the vice general has under his sleeves. Telling his men to hold their position, a messenger informs him that Kyou En is heading for their location with an army of 10,000 men. Heki is about to order a retreat when Vice General Ou Sen appears and gives him command of 5,000 men, tasking him to engage the Wei general in combat. Using the "Wei Di" to his advantage, he meets some initial success as some of his squads manage to block the entrance and exit, destroying the enemy vanguard in the process. He is soon informed that there is a Wei army that they lost sight of and orders the attacking troops to be recalled back to the cliffs, so they do not lose their advantage in the area. Wei troops attack his position, forcing him to flee into the gorge where he comes face-to-face with Kyou En who is about to kill him but is interrupted by the timely arrival of Vice General Ou Sen. Upon seeing the reinforcements from Ou Sen, Heki wonders how 5,000 troops could appear out of nowhere and realizes that the Vice General foresaw his defeat.

Upon the arrival of Great General Ren Pa at the Wei Di, the enemy forces attack the Qin in the gorge with great zeal. Heki realizes that Ren Pa only came with a small force and that the Qin were still in control of the gorge. He and his men are in the rearguard as Ou Sen's troops retreat to his mountain fortress, but they get lost in the woods and are separated from the main army, arriving near the Qin headquarters. His forces arrive at the Qin HQ when the ceasefire is made.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Heki is first seen on the 15th day of the battle of Kankoku Pass in the Mou Bu Army as a 3000-Man Commander. It is revealed that before he left Kanyou Shou Bun Kun told him that the Chu Army vs Combined Mou Bu and Tou Army, is the most important battle on the entire field. And if the Chu enemy manages to break through them, then they will be able to cut into the mountains and hit Kankoku pass from the side. But on the other hand, if they can crush the Chu Army there then they will be able to split off to the left to hit the sieging Wei and Han Armies right in their soft flanks.

But he is nervous to be going up against the 120,000 Chu Army. And general Mou Bu tells them to “simply follow my orders and fight with your full strength. That is all.” Which causes the Qin commanders to feel somewhat uneasy with Mou Bu leading them.

Mou Bu then gives a speech, which causes an explosion of morale. He then issues a forward charge starting with the left.

He still was kind of nervous when they sent him and his 3,000 men to charge against the 60,000 strong Kan Mei Army and wonders how he is meant to fight and that he was not told anything. While trying to calm down, he wonders how he could break into the enemy formation. Knowing he must calmly analyze the enemy’s movements, he asses his troops and decides to smash through them with brute force.

When fighting the Chu, he notices his glaive’s edge is excellent and feels amazingly sharp, but it is not just due to what little training he has had with his glaive up till then. And it is the same for his men too and he can feel Mou Bu’s speech and passion riding inside his body. And with its fire burning within them, they went on a rampage.

Later, Heki was stabbed in the back but he pulls out the spear and kills the Chu soldier. His men then start to feel uneasy when reinforcements fail to show up. Heki tells them to have faith in their general because Mou Bu is a man who thirsts for victory more than anyone else and he believes in him. Kan Mei then sends 5,000 men to slaughter Heki’s men which play right into Mou Bu’s hands. Mou Bu has all his troops starting from the left charge in succession which forms the difficult Echelon Formation to challenge the Chu in a battle of tactics. After Mou Bu killed Kan Mei Heki and his unit went to the Qin-Zhao side of the battle.

During the siege of Sai, he served as the eastern wall's commander. Ka Ryo Ten was unsure of Heki's leadership skills, she had assigned him the previous Duke Hyou soldiers for him to use when necessary. The wall was not as much used for defending as it was for letting the enemies in and then decimating them.

After the Coalition Army retreated, he was later seen making a resigned face when Shin got promoted to 3000-Man Commander at the Qin’s reward ceremony, saying "He caught up".

Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

It has been two years since the invasion and Heki have moved up the ranks to general. He was contacted by Sei and Shou Bun Kun and was appointed as the commander in chief of the Subjugation Force to put an end to Sei Kyou rebellion. Sei voices his opinion that he believes his brother got caught in a scheme and needs to be rescued if possible. Heki is told to concentrate on suppressing the rebellion while another unit will handle the rescue of Sei Kyou, specifically the Hi Shin Unit. Leading the Subjugation Force, Heki was able to repel the Qin rebel forces and kill the 'enemy' general, Ryuu.

State of Ai Arc[]

Heki attends the Coming of Age Ceremony held in the Kinen Temple at the City of You. When Shou Hei Kunkun reveals that he separates from Ryo Fui's faction, he accompanies him with Shou Bun Kun to defend Kanyou against Ai's rebel army.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Heki participates in the Western Zhao Invasion Campaign under the supreme commander Ou Sen. He is not really pleased to work under Ou Sen again as Ou Sen used him as bait during the Sanyou campaign. But Ka Ryo Ten tells him that Ou Sen was even recognized by Ko Shou of the Six Great Generals.

In the tactical meeting in Kinan, Heki is the only one to openly question Ou Sen about the change of directions but this shows again that Heki was not informed about the plan to attack Gyou.

Battle of Ryouyou[]

He was ordered by Ou Sen to reinforce the Yo Tan Wa Army and giving an additional 2,000 of the Kan Ki Army reserves for the Battle of Ryouyou. He suffered hideous losses against both Quanrong and Zhao armies, with their supplies burnt. He became the leader of the third group to fight Bunen. They suffered damages, and Kitari's brother, Katari was killed. Later, they recovered and went after Bunen and chased them to the forest. He fought Rozo and thanks to Danto's distraction, he killed the Quanrong King. He was resting his wounds in Ryouyou.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Zhao's Retaliation Arc[]


Strength 83
Leadership 86
Intelligence 87
Experience B
Mysterious historical plot armor

Strength 82
Leadership 85
Intelligence 87
Experience B
Mysterious historical plot armor

Strength 80
Leadership 84
Intelligence 86
Experience C
Politics 88

Strength 78
Leadership 75
Intelligence 86
Hard Worker

Heki is a reliable military commander who mastered all fundamentals of warfare. Ka Ryo Ten even praised him as an officer with true achievements under his belt. His talents are good enough for him to be appointed Commander-in-Chief of the 40,000 Subjugation Army and push back 70,000 rebel troops in open battle.

Physical Abilities[]

Heki is capable with a glaive or a sword in his hand. He was able to break through enemy lines and his martial abilities are good enough to break through Rozo's personal guards. Together with Danto, Heki was able to surprise and slay the powerful Quan Rong king with a single strike.


Heki is a brave commander who can lead his forces from the vanguard and has a knack for leading his men in often decisive movements or in a timely fashion. His cavalry in particular have the distinction of reinforcing general maneuvers during pivotal moments and he was shown keeping the morale high even in times of crisis. With a head for strategy and decisive actions, Heki has shown himself to be a competent leader. 

Tactical Abilities[]

Heki has a good tactical knowledge as he often fight his battles by the book. During Battle at Dakan Plains he was able to find the weakness in Go Kei's pincer attack and assist Duke Hyou in geting out of the trap by providing psychological pressure with his cavalry unit.[1] By the time of the Sanyou Campaign, his military knowledge was enough for Ou Sen to use him as convincing bait. It should be noted that this was due to him performing better then all the other minor commanders in the area and successfully using the terrain to his advantage.[2] During the Siege of Tonryuu, he was able to defeat and slay general Ryuu by predicting his actions and setting up an ambush.[3]

Military Formations: Heki was shown using a formation that embeds archers into shield troop units in order to draw the enemies inside his lines and cut them down. This "defend and repair" tactic is not flashy, but was proven to be very effective against direct cavalry charges. Heki's army is well trained and capable of executing on these two orders faster and smoother than any other Qin army.[4]



Sa Ji Cuts Down Heki.PNG
Heki cut down by Sa Ji
Heki 1,000 Man Unit.png
Heki Unit 1,000 Men
Ou Sen Army
Sanyou Campaign
Heki 5,000 Man Unit.png
Heki Unit 5,000 Men
Given soldiers by Ou Sen
Heki 3,000 Man Unit.png
Heki 3,000 Man Unit
Mou Bu Army
Battle of Kankoku Pass
Heki Army portrait.png
General Heki
Heki Army
Heki Colored.png
Heki Colored
Heki General without helmet.png
General Heki without a helmet
Heki Shot with Arrows.png
Heki Shot with Arrows
Heki stabbed.png
Heki stabbed
Heki 1000 Man Commander.png
Heki Power.png
Heki's Power
Heki portrait 2.PNG
General Heki
Heki portrait.PNG
Heki portrait
Kitari knees Heki.jpeg
Kitari knees Heki
Volume 51.png
Volume 51
Heki Kills Rozo.jpg
Heki kills Rozo, the king of Ryouyou


Heki Witnesses Shika's Last Moment anime S2.PNG
Heki witnesses Shika's last moment
Heki Design anime S1.PNG
Heki's character design anime S1
Heki gets hit.png
Heki cut down by Sa Ji
Heki AS2.png
Heki in Anime season 2
Heki And Ou Sen's First Meeting anime S2.PNG
Heki meets Ou Sen


  • Yasuhisa Hara initially based Heki's character upon a Subjugation Force commander who had a wall-related death during Sei Kyou's rebellion. However, as it was later discovered, the author misread the Shiji, the Chinese history book, and mistook the word "Wall" (read as "Heki" in Japanese) for the name of the person. Therefore Heki didn't have to be "killed" off as Hara originally planned at the beginning of the manga.


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