Kingdom Wiki
Hei Shuu
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Gender Male
State Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Elite Spearman
Occupation Elite Cavalry Spearman
Affiliates Zhao Military
Gyou Un
Equipment Spear
Manga Debut Chapter 584

Hei Shuu was the third of the Ten Spears - the cream of the crop among Gyou'un's troops.


The Ten spears were handpicked by Gyou'un as the strongest among the already elite Rai'un Cavalry Unit, and Hei Shuu was the third spear among them. However, it is not clear if this title was due to skill or seniority. It is believed that Hei Shuu and his comrades had served under Gyou'un at the Rin Shou Jo Army back when the Six Great Generals of Qin and the Three Great Heavens of Zhao were still active.


Though he hasn't been particularly shown throughout the Battle at Shukai Plains, Hei Shuu and the rest of the Ten Spears took part in the fighting since the 3rd day. On the 12th day battle, all the Ten Spears accompanied Gyou'un alongside 300 of the strongest men of the Rai'un cavalry to penetrate the Gyoku Hou HQ aiming to kill Ou Hon - and although they nearly succeeded, their plan was ultimately foiled by Kan Jou and his unit.

On the 15th day of battle, Hei Shuu, Gi Ta and Ga Kou were ordered by their master Gyou’un to collect Shin's head. While engaging the Hi Hyou Unit (who was covering for the wounded Shin), Hei Shuu faced Ga Ro in single combat and would have killed him if not for the timely intervention of Sou Jin; who shot an arrow through Hei Shuu's wrist just as he was delivering the final blow against the Qin commander. Ga Ro didn't waste any time and used Hei Shuu's shock to finish him off for good, perplexing everyone around them.


Ten Spears Lieutenants.png
Gi Ta, Hei Shuu and Ga Kou, discussing their next victim.
Heishuu VS Garo 01.png
Hei Shuu wounding Ga Ro.
Heishuu VS Garo 02.png
Hei Shuu's demise.