Headquarters are usually set on high ground to get a perfect view of the battlefield as a whole, this is also where commander officers are stationed where he can send messengers and signals with flags to communicate with the armies and give orders to his commanders. If the battle proceeds out of the line of sight the HQ might be moved to a newly selected area to prevent the delay of messages and can continue to communicate in a smooth way. An HQ-Defense Chief may be stationed if an attack would occur.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Anime[edit | edit source]

Episode 73 portrait.PNG
Hi Shin Unit's Headquarters
Kai Shi Bou Army's Headquarters anime portrait.PNG
Kai Shi Bou Army's Headquarters
Kan Ki Army's Headquarters anime portrait.PNG
Kan Ki Army's Headquarters
Gaku Jou's Headquarters anime portrait.PNG
Gaku Jou Army's Headquarters
Mou Gou Army's Headquarters anime portrait.PNG
Mou Gou Army's Headquarters
Rin Ko Army's Headquarters anime portrait.PNG
Rin Ko Army's Headquarters
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