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Han O Ki
Han O Ki Portrait.png
Chinese Fan Yu Qi
Kanji 樊於期
Romaji Han O Ki
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Relatives Han Roki (Son)
State Ai
Location Kanyou City
Professional Information
Classification Cavalry
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Ai Military
Han O Ki Army
Ryo Fui Faction
Military Rank General
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 409

Han O Ki is a General for the State of Ai. He is the father of Han Roki.


Han O Ki has a van dyke facial hair and slick back long black hair. He wears earrings and a leopard skin cloak.


Han O Ki is a brutal general who conducted drills on the outskirts of Sanyou City by annihilating indigenous tribes.

He is also a cunning general who ordered soldiers of Qin who had doubts about their purpose in his army to behead the surrendered Qin soldiers at a pass near Kanyou city; therefore, turning them into full fledged rebel soldiers.

He appears to be very smart and calm as seen that he can deduce the reason various actions other officers made. Like his son, he is very impatient. However, he he has more self-control than his son.


State of Ai Arc[]

He has first been mentioned during the discussion in the Ai court, about if they should go to war or not.

Han O Ki makes his first appearance in a conversation with his son and Ko Reki. He reveals that he has been preparing the Ai military by massacring tribal villages. He explains that the army needs an outlet to stop it from collapsing within itself.

He and his son joined the state of Ai Army. They plan on attacking Kanyou while their defences are weak because of the Wei and Chu attacks. The defences at Kanyou where even more diminished by the fact that they were stationed for protection at You while the officials were attending Ei Sei Coming of Age Ceremony. He was conspiring with Ryo Fui who gave him plans of Kanyou's layout and gave various other aids in either information and deeds.

When his son killed the commander stationed at a checkpoint in Kankoku Pass when they were questioning the legitimacy of the royal seal, he ordered his men to attack. Those men were gathered using a fake seal. They were stationed at the front by him in order to force them to switch their loyalties towards the state of Ai.

When the enemy surrendered, he selected 1000 men who they are loyal too were still questionable and ordered them to kill the prisoners. This action made the soldiers know that there was no turning back now and made them into force to be reckoned with.

Rou Ai was in command of the rebel army. However he is the one keeping the king in check.

After Shou Hei Kun arrives with reinforcements for Kanyou, Han O Ki decides to retreat.

He is later seen witnessing his son's execution.


Strength 86
Leadership 86
Intelligence 85
Experience B
Ambition 90
Strength 86
Leadership 86
Intelligence 85
Experience B
Ambition 90


    Han O Ki on volume 39 back cover
    Han O Ki attack Kankoku pass.png
    Han O Ki leads a surprise attack in the northern passage
    Han O Ki watching his son's execution.PNG
    A disguised Han O Ki watching his son's execution

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