Great Generals[edit | edit source]

Sei Kai portrait.png
Sei Kai
Leader of Sei Kai Army
Slain by Chou Tou

Generals[edit | edit source]

Chou In portrait.PNG
Chou In
Sei Kai Army (Defunct)
Stand in commander at Kankoku Pass

2000-Man Commanders[edit | edit source]

Ba Kan portrait.png
Ba Kan
Slain by Shin

Commanders[edit | edit source]

Nakon portrait.png
Na Kon
Sei Kai Army
Defense Chief of Sei Kai Army
Slain by Chou Tou
No image.PNG
Ten †
Leader of Ten Unit
Sei Kai Army
Slain by Kan Ki Army

Strength[edit | edit source]

Black archer unit.png
Black Arrow Unit equipped with deadly poison arrows
Han's poison arrows.PNG
Poison Arrows
Han's poison crossbows.PNG
Poison Crossbows
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