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Location Info
Name Han
Capital Shintei
Location(s) Central Plains

The State of Han is located in the middle of the central plains and is lodged between the large States of Chu, Qin, and Wei. The capital city of the state is Shintei.


Han is considered the weakest of all the warring states and is not perceived as a major or central threat but it has long been guarded by other states. The entirety of the kingdom is seen as an important strategical point/buffer and therefore no other state has let it be conquered by another during the numerous wars of the last 500 years.



The state has a monarchy and the current king of Han is King Ou An.

Royal Family[]

Han King.png
Ou Ou
10th King of Han
Ou An portrait.PNG
Ou An
11th King of Han

Chancellors & Prime Ministers[]


No image.PNG
Kan Pishi
Chinese Name: Han Fei
Only other person who knows legalism better then Ri Shi
Chou In portrait.PNG
Raku'A Kan portrait.PNG
Yoko Yoko portrait.PNG
Sei Kai portrait.png
Sei Kai
Great General and Leader of Sei Kai Army
Slain by Chou Tou
Nakon portrait.png
Na Kon
Slain by Chou Tou
Ba Kan portrait.png
Ba Kan
Slain by Shin


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  • Shintei (capital)
  • Luoyang


The State of Han is located in the very center of the Central Plains surrounded by the other states; Qin, Wei, and the Chu.

Han lies in the center of china