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Haku Ki Sai Army
Haku Kisai Army.png
Group Info
Name Haku Ki Sai Army
Named by Haku Ki Sai
State Wei
Part of Go Kei Army (Defunct)
Affiliation Wei Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
Leader Haku Ki Sai
Side Infos

The Haku Ki Sai Army is led by the late General Haku Ki Sai of Wei. Originally it was one of the armies commended by Great General Go Kei. After Sanyou Campaign the army was most likely terminated due to it's leaders death.


Haku Ki Sai served under Great General Go Kei until his death. It's presumed him soldiers must of seen a lot of combat well serving under one the last active Seven Fire Dragons of Wei.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]




Haku Kisai portrait.png
Haku Ki Sai
Slain by Kan Ki

Great Generals[]


Rin Ko portrait.png
Rin Ko
Center Army Commander
40,000 Men
Slain by Shin
Kyou En Portrait.png
Kyou En
Right Army Commander
40,000 Men
Kai Shi Bou portrait.png
Kai Shi Bou
Left Army Commander
40,000 Men
Gen Bou portrait.png
Gen Pou
Center Army & Left Army
Slain by Kan Ki
Kan Ei portrait.png
Kan Ei
Center Army

1000-Man Commanders[]

Dou Sei portrait.PNG
Dou Sei
Leader of Dou Sei Unit
Elite Unit
Slain by Den Yuu


Gir You portrait.PNG
Gi Ryou
Center Army
Slain by So Sui
Den Toku.png
Den Toku
Archer Unit Commander
Chou Toku.png
Chou Toku
Ren Pa's personal unit


Gen Bou portrait.png
Gen Pou
Center Army & Left Army
Slain by Kan Ki
Hyou Ki portrait.png
Hyou Ki
Center Army
Eight Finger Strategist

Units []

Dou Sei Unit.png
Dou Sei Unit

Situational Members[]