Ye (Chinese name)

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Name Gyou

Ye (Chinese name)

State(s) Zhao
It's perfect...It is the Perfect City. It will not fall to an Attack.

—General Ou Sen after observing the large city.

Gyou was the second-largest city within the state of Zhao's heartlands before it was captured by Qin.[1] It is located near the royal capital of Kantan. Gyou’s former Zhao lord was Earl Chou Ki, an uncle to the current Zhao King Tou Jou. It's current lord is unknown.

Location[edit | edit source]

The city of Gyou is located very close to the royal capital and serves as its protector. In recent years, under the Prime Minister and leader of the current Great Heavens Ri Boku's orders, large scale renovations were made to fortify the city since his appointment as a Great General. It is heavily fortified with huge watchtowers, large moats, oversized walls that even the most foolish of generals could see that it is no simple city to conquer and capture. General Ou Sen considers it as the perfect city that will not fall to an ordinary attack.

Story[edit | edit source]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[edit | edit source]

Qin sees this city as a strategic advantage if Ei Sei's plan of unifying China. Refugees from 9 Zhao cities converge upon this city due to Ou Sen's psychological warfare while the Zhao armies are busy fighting Yo Tan Wa and her forces, much to the horror of Ri Boku.

Kan Ki and his Kan Ki Army were tasked to maintain the siege of the city, and repel all remaining Zhao relief forces.

After the battle between their armies Ou Sen and Ri Boku chased each other to capture or save Gyou. But the captured refugees rebelled and took over the gates in order to escape the death of starvation. This allowed the Kan Ki Army to seize control over the gates and capture the city. The city was then used as rest area for the tired and exhausted Qin army. Later on, despairing for supplies, Qi supplied them with food for at least half a year, therefore completing the city's capture and the city fell under Qin's rule while the Zhao army withdrew.

Strategical Meaning[edit | edit source]

Gyou is located in the middle of Zhao's heartlands, close to the capital of Kantan. It would pose an extremely dangerous threat if enemies of Zhao would manage to capture it. Since it is an exellent point for departing armies and nearly impossible to capture by force due to its heavy fortifications.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Zhao[edit | edit source]

Earl Chouki Lord of Gyou.png
Earl Chou Ki
Lord of Gyou
Uncle of Tou Jou
Commits suicide
Shin Rikan.png
Shin Ri Kan
West Wall Commander
Probably Slain by Zenou Clan

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gyou Western Wall.png
Gyou Western Wall

References[edit | edit source]

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