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State(s) Zhao

Gyou is a big city in the state of Zhao. It is located close to the royal capital of Zhao, Kantan. Gyou’s lord is Earl Chou Ki

Location Edit

The city of Gyou is located close to the royal capital and serves as its protector. In recent years, under Ri Boku's order, large scale renovations were made to fortify the city. It is heavily fortified with new huge watchtowers, that even the most foolish of generals could see that it is no simple city to capture. General Ou Sen considers it as the perfect city that will not fall from an attack.

Story Edit

Western Zhao Invasion Arc Edit

Qin sees this city as a strategic advantage if Ei Sei's plan of unifying Middle Kingdom. Refugees from 9 Zhao cities converge upon this city due to Ou Sen's psychological warfare while the Zhao armies are busy fighting Yo Tan Wa and her forces, much to the horror of Ri Boku.

Strategical Meaning Edit

It is located in the middle of Zhao and would pose a big threat, if it would be captured by the Qin.
Gyou Western Wall
Gyou Western Wall