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Gyoku Hou Army
Gyoku Hou Army.png
Chinese Yu Feng Army
Romaji Gyokku Huu Army
Group Information
Status Active
Age 10 years (?)
Founder Ou Hon
Leader Ou Hon
State Qin
Location Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Special Army
Affiliates Qin Military
Rank 10,000
Goal(s) Help Ou Hon achieve his dream of becoming a Great General
Prominent Personnels
General(s) Ou Hon
Commander(s) Kan Jou
A Ka Kin
Lieutenant(s) Ban You
Strategist(s) Ou Hon
Ban You
Kan Jou
Group(s) Kan Jou Unit
Manga Debut Chapter 662
What on Earth gives you gives you the idea that we are the same, you fool? We, The Gyoku Hou are considered a gathering of elites even among the Noble Caste. All of us have undertaken martial training from the youngest of ages. At an age earlier than when a farmer's child picks up his first hoe, we are drilled in both individual and group combat skills with a sword in hand.

—Ou Hon to Shin and the Hi Shin Unit.

The Gyoku Hou Army (eng. Jade Phoenix) , previously known as Gyoku Hou Unit is a Qin army commanded and led by General Ou Hon, a special army that currently consists of 10,000 men. This was originally a 100-Man Cavalry Unit mostly made up of elites from the noble caste of the state. Their members have been drilled in individual and group combat skills at an early age.


Alliance Arc[]

Prior to the Qin-Wei war, their unit fought a Wei army as part of the Qin Southern Army and eliminated the Wei HQ at the border between the two states.

Third Faction Arc[]

They begin competing with the Hi Shin unit for achievements on the field with the army talking about the success of both units.

Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

When the Wei campaign begins, they are placed further upfront with the reserve army on the march to Sanyou. 

On the 11th day of the siege on the Wei city of Kourou, the unit moves into action, sending chariots and carts filled with wood to the base of the city wall. By lighting the wood on the fire, they effectively set up a smokescreen which allows their siege tower to move closer to the walls. They are able to enter and begin fighting the Wei soldiers posted on the walls, easily holding their own despite being outnumbered. They were pushed a far distance left and Ou Hon calls for a defensive circle formation as some of his men equipped with rope scale down to open the city gates from the inside. They manage to open the city gates from within but are outmaneuvered by the Gaku Ka Unit who goes to take the castle of the city's leader. The greatest merit from the battle for Kourou went to both them and the Gaku Ka unit. 

After the deaths of eight 1000-man commanders at Kinrikan, the Gyoku Hou unit is bolstered by 700 men as Ou Hon is made a 1000-man commander. Their new unit is part of the vanguard attack on the Wei and meets some problems as the new units are no on par with the original 300 men. This hampers their efforts and has older members being scattered to save some of their new units in dire need. They are also caught in Gen Bou's smokescreen trap but manage to kill all the nearby Wei sound teams in a short amount of time before heading to the enemy commander's position. The following day they would join the Gaku Ka and Hi Shin Unit in a joint operation to take down General Rin Ko. They were successful in breaking through the enemy HQ however unsuccessful in slaying Rin Ko.

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

Sometime after the Battle of Sanyou, this unit became a 2,000 man unit. It was said that they subjugated their required area relatively quickly and continue on to subjugate 3 other territories before being recalled back to Sanyou for an official announcement.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

During the Battle of Kankoku Pass, the unit supported the Mou Bu/Tou Army and had lost 600 men by the 7th day of battle. When Ka Rin launched a full assault on General Tou he gave a temporary field promotion to Ou Hon making him a 5000-Man Commander. Ou Hon would later join the Mou Bu army and attack the retreating Coalition Army.

Sometime after the award ceremony for the accomplishments during the war, Ou Hon was promoted to 3000-Man Commander. The Gyoku Unit would then be stationed to Rindai a city North of the Hi Shin Unit who were stationed in Kaisou.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

They were stationed in the Tou Army along with the Hi Shin Unit, to secure the region of Chiyoyou. Ou Hon and his unit were fighting really good, but because of the Wei defense system, they weren't able to deal with big damage. But then the Gyoku Hou Unit, the Hi Shin Unit, and the Roku O Mi Army started a simultaneous all-out attack and broke through the Wei defense system. Ou Hon even managed to slay Earl Shi, one of the Seven Fire Dragons of Wei.

Bureaucrats Job Arc[]

The Gyoku Hou Unit is guarding the Qin/Wei border and seems to have multiple small scale battles with the Wei troops. But then a messenger arrives and orders Ou Hon to return to Kanyou.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

During the plan to capture Gyou, the unit was inserted into Ou Sen Army's right flank, facing Ba Nan Ji, Gyou’un and Gaku Ei with A Kou Army. Hi Shin Unit was added on the flank. They then tries to outmaneuver the Zhao's left for many days, until Ri Shin took over the command with both Ou Hon and A Kou knocked out. They were acted as support force behind the Hi Shin as they push further. And a detachment led by Ou Hon assisted his father.After the war, they were promoted to be an army.

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

After Ou Hon's promotion the unit was turned into 10,000 man army and A Ka Kin joined them. They were able to push back Zhao's forces with their new strength.

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

During the battle the army was send to a suicide mission to capture Eikyuu. They were nearly completely wiped out, but with Ou Hon being able to figure out forts weakness and A Ka Kin's pincer the Hi Shin Army was able to capture it later.


War/Battle Commander Achievement Reward
Gyoku Hou Unit Destroyed Wei HQ
Sanyou Campaign Gyoku Hou Unit Opened Kourou City gates
Saved the Hi Shin Unit
Battle of Kankoku Pass Ou Hon Temporarily promoted to 5000-man Commander and made commander of the Tou Army Left Wing Promoted to 3000-Man Commander
Gyoku Hou Unit Attacked the back of the enemy forces attacking their infantry formation Provided infantry with breathing room
Joined up with the Mou Bu Army to disband the Coalition Army who was attacking Qi
Chiyoyou Campaign Gyoku Hou Unit Broke through the Wei's front line troops on the first day Were able to pass through the Ei Forest
Kan Jou Quickly clear out enemies in the southern forest
Gyoku Hou Unit On the second day, they defeated the reserve army's first wave
Kan Jou-Right Wing Attacked the Wei formation from the rear that was blocking the Gyoku Hou's center from retreating The Gyoku Hou's center was able to retreat minimizing causalities.
Ou Hon Slew Great General Earl Shi of the Seven Fire Dragons of Wei and created successful plan for the overall battlefield. The Gyoku Hou Unit was able to move onto the Go Hou Mei HQ.
Ou Hon promoted to
5000-Man Commander.
Battle at Shukai Plains Ou Hon Slew General Gyou'un, saved the lives of general A Kou and supreme commander Ou Sen, crippled the Ba Nan Ji Army during pincer and many other. Ou Hon promoted to




Ban You Portrait.png
Ban You
Kan Jou portrait.png
Kan Jou
1,000-Man Commander
Transferred from Ou Sen Army
Leader of Kan Jou Unit
A Ka Kin Portrait.jpg
A Ka Kin
3,000-Man Commander
Transferred from Ou Sen Army
Leader of A Ka Kin Unit



Shou Taku portrait.PNG
Koku Kin Portrait.png
Chou Jin Portrait.png
Chou Jin
Chou Koku Portrait.png
Chou Koku
Teku Jin.png
Toku Jin
No image.PNG
Kou Ri

Deceased Members[]

Kyuu kou portrait.PNG
Kyuu Kou
Ou Sen Army (Reassigned)
Kan Jou Unit
Slain by the Ten Spears


No image.PNG
Sou Shin
No image.PNG
Sou Man
No image.PNG
Ki Kou
No image.PNG
Ki Kai
No image.PNG
Kou Ho
Took 30 men to assist A Ka Kin
Mou Jun.png
Mou Jun
Ro Han.png
Ro Han



Kan jou unit portrait.png
Kan Jou Unit
1000-Man Unit
Hit and Run
Akakin unit.jpg
A Ka Kin Unit
3000-Man Cavalry Unit
No image.PNG
Koku Ryuu Unit
No image.PNG
Jo Unit
No image.PNG
Kou Unit


Every member of the Gyoku Hou unit is an expert fighter and is capable of performing high-level coordinated combat without even the slightest hint of the disorder. Their unit at the time of 300 had reached a level that surpasses that of the average 1000-man unit.

Their leader displayed an amazing strategy by using smokescreen, ropes and a siege tower to get the gates of Kourou opened to let in his other troops waiting outside.

At the time of Battle at Shukai Plains, the strength of the Gyoku Hou cavalry has grown to such extent that according to Kan Jou it could be considered top class even among the entire Qin Military.



Gyoku Hou's Banner Flag.png
The Gyoku Hou's Banner flag.
Gyoku Hou's Siege Tower.png
The Gyoku Hou's siege tower being used to overcome city walls.
Gyoku Hou's Martial Might.png
The elite soldiers of the Gyoku Hou showing their martial prowess.
Gyoku Hou's Combat Coordination.png
The Gyoku Hou demonstrating their fighting coordination the battlefield.
Circle Defense Formation.png
The Gyoku Hou using a Circle Defense Formation.
Gyoku Hou's Wedge Formation.jpg
Gyoku Hou using a Wedge Formation.
Gyoku Hou Attack Go Hou Mei's Main HQ.png
The Gyoku Hou Unit launching their respective attack on Go Hou Mei's Main HQ.
Petal Formation.jpg
Gyoku Hou using their Petal Formation against the Ten Spears' attack on their HQ.


Gyoku Hou Anime S2.jpg
The Gyoku Hyou Unit
Kourou City's Easy Wall Set Ablaze anime S2.PNG
Gyoku Hou Unit set ablaze on Kourou's East Wall
Gyoku Hou Unit's Siege Tower Appears anime S2.PNG
Gyoku Hou Unit's siege towers appears after the 11th day of siege of the Kourou City
Episode 50 portrait.PNG
Gyoku Hou Unit's siege tower appears in front of the Kourou's East Wall
Gyoku Hou Unit Launches An Attack On The East Wall anime S2.PNG
Gyoku Hou Unit launches an attack on the Kourou's East Wall


  • Like Ou Hon, they share a rivalry with the Hi Shin and Gaku Ka Armies.