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Gu Nei
Gu Nei deputy.png
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
State Qin
Location Shukai Plains (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Affiliates A Kou Army
Ou Sen Army
Qin Military
Military Rank Adjutant
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 555

Gu Nei was an Adjutant in the A Kou Army.


An old man, although still vigorous, with a white mustache and goatee. He had a small horizontal scar on his right cheek.


He had a tender personality. A cautious man, he was nonetheless confident in his abilities as a commander.


Gu Nei was a vassal of the Ou Family, a commander with 45 years of experience in the field of battle.


Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Gu Nei was the adjutant of the A Kou Army when Qin invaded Western Zhao for the Gyou Campaign and therefore was among them by the time the army deployed on the right-wing of the Battle at Shukai Plains.

In the early morning of the 9th day of battle, Gu Nei was part of a strategic meeting between the commanders of the Qin's right-wing, where it was decided that the A Kou army would bear the attack of three of Zhao's armies while Hi Shin and Gyoku Hou units should take the head of Gaku Ei. Gu Nei was confident in their ability to withstand such a mighty assault. At the end of the meeting, he briefly exchanged words with adjutant Ban You, saying that he and the others vassals of Ou Sen have always felt remorseful over the fact that Ban You alone had to bear the burden of taking care of Ou Hon. He praised Ban You for turning their young lord into such an upstanding man and entrusted him with the continued support of the youngling.

As the 9th day of battle progressed, Gu Nei advised his General to retreat to a safe position and regroup, after A Kou's army defensive tactics were conquered by the combined attack from the forces of Ba Nan Ji and Gyou’un who were acting under instructions of Ri Boku himself. A Kou declined Gu Nei's advice saying that they should hold the three armies where they stood since their retreat would mean the isolation and nearly assured destruction of the Hi Shin and Gyoku Hou units.

In light of his general's resolve, Gu Nei pledged to use his strongest soldiers to stall Gyou'un and his men until A Kou could deal with Ba Nan Ji in single combat. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete this task, having underestimated the inhuman might of Gyou'un. His ploys using deception and trickery could not deter his foe, and Gu Nei sent a messenger to warn A Kou of the inevitable arrival of Gyou'un right before setting out to face the Zhao commander himself. When they met, however, Gu Nei was easily cut in half by Gyou'un's glaive.


As the right-hand man and an adjutant of A Kou Army, Gu Nei was a decent military commander with long years of experience. Although he was a competent commander, he wasn't very good when it came down to overall strategical thinking which led to his downfall.

Tactical Abilities[]

Being so long among the Ou Sen Army, Gu Nei was able to employ a number of his lord Ou Sen's tactics, but not with the same proficiency as A Kou.


Gu Nei and the Akou Army.jpg
Gu Nei, right hand man of the A Kou Army.
Gu Nei and Ban You.jpg
Gu Nei and Ban You.
Gu Nei final charge.jpg
Gu Nei's final charge.
Gu Nei-death.jpg
Gu Nei's death at the hands of Gyou’un.