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Great General
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Hierarchical Information
Rank Great General
Troops Indefinite
Division(s) Indefinite
Lieutenant Yes
Strategist Yes
Cavalry Yes
What's needed to become a Great General is...The "Willpower" of a hundred! And also the arm strength of a hundred! Further more the knowledge of a hundred! And the experience of a hundred and the luck of a hundred too!

Ren Pa, Sanyou Campaign

Great General is considered the highest-ranking position in most military organizations. Those who hold it are considered the most experienced and most talented commanders, becoming living symbols of a state's martial prowess and leading hundreds of thousands of soldiers into battle. Oftentimes, during important campaigns, they are appointed as a Commander-in-Chief of the campaign with other generals serving as Vice Generals or as role commanders, looking towards them for guidance.

Great Generals Systems[]

Due to the importance of Great Generals and their role in the army, some states create their own system to organize them:

Qin: Six Great Generals of Qin
During his reign, King Sho of Qin would implement a unique system that would allow his handpicked Great Generals to independently conduct campaigns on his behalf.

Zhao: Three Great Heavens
The three Greats by Zhao were picked for their skills, like Hou Ken and Ri Boku doubling as Zhao's Minister.

Wei: Seven Fire Dragons
Wei has the Seven Fire Dragons many years before, as their conquests qualified for it, which is the case for 3 of then: Tai Ro Ji, Shou Sen, and Ba Tou. While skills were qualifications of the rest. But infighting led them to be imprisoned, and later released by Go Hou Mei.

How to Become a Great General.[]

According to Ren Pa, a Great General needs the willpower, arm strength, knowledge, experience, and the luck of a hundred!!


Great Generals[]

There's Ou Sen and Kan Ki who are on the same level, but neither of them have been promoted to a Great General that's capable of command hundreds of thousands by themselves just yet.

Ri Shin, talking to Kyou Kai

I'm telling you now, the young 1000-man commanders of Qin are all monsters! Second rate trash like you aren't even in the same league as us!

Ri Shin, meeting Kou Yoku and Haku Rei

Qin's Young Generation who are aiming to become Great Generals[]


Great Generals[]

Zhao's Young Generation Commanders aiming to become Great Generals[]


Great Generals[]


Great Generals[]


Great Generals[]


Great Generals[]

Chu's Young Generation Commanders aiming to become Great Generals[]