Great Crane Formaion
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Weapon Info
Name Great Crane Formaion
Type Tactical Formation
Used by Ri Boku
Earl Rai
Earl Kou
Ou Sen

Great Crane Formaion is a super offensive formation employed by Ri Boku of the Three Great Heavens, by positioning his troops in a "W" shape during a full assault. It is similar, but somewhat different to the more traditional Wing Crane Formation, where the troops take the form of a simple "U".

History[edit | edit source]

During the final days of the Battle at Shukai Plains, Great General Ri Boku was content to keep his men in defensive formations and wait until the Qin forces depleated their supplies. But this confortable situation changed dramatically when he received reports that the city of Gyou (a crucial stategic location), was about to collapse and be occupied by the Kan Ki Army, thanks to special operations conducted by the Qin.

Hearing of such dire news, the Zhao supreme commander immediately ordered his center army to abandon defensive formations and assume an all-out offensive to come and rescue the city of Gyou because of its key strategical position. The formation chosen by Ri Boku to quickly defeat the enemies in front of his center army was the Great Crane.

This Zhao attack formation, when used with Ri Boku's Army unique ability to combine the strengths of both strategical and instinctual fighting forces (the "Origins Tactics"), gave them the upper hand against the Qin - who were slowly and steadily being pushed back, despite their own proficiency at warfare. Their advance was not meant to last, however, as general Ou Sen was able to quickly read and counter the Origins Tactics employed by Ri Boku's men, and stop the Great Crane offensive.

Soon after Ou Sen used his own version of the tactic by linking the armies under his command.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Great Red Crane Formation[edit | edit source]

The Great Red Crane

Great Red Crane Formation is a variation of the tactic used by Ou Sen. By linking together three different armies in the middle of chaotic combat he's able to push the enemy forces. He used Den Ri Mi Army as the centre while his personal troops formed right wing of a crane and Sou'ou's forces formed the left wing. This allowed him to gain the advantage on the field, since Zhao units still remained disorganised. This version seem to be more widely spread out compared to the one used by Zhao.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Great Crane.png
Ri Boku's version
Red Crane.png
Ou Sen's version

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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