Gouriki tactic.PNG
Weapon Info
Name Gouriki
Type Tactical Formation
Founder Kyou Kai
Used by Kyou Kai

The Gouriki, is the first of the new Hi Shin Unit's tactics, which was invented by Kyou Kai and is a unique anti-cavalry tactic. Kyou Kai later refined it within her unit to the point that they could form multiple interlinked formations, dubbed the Chained Gouriki.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

The infantry at the front line split up into ten man teams with two squads of five men temporarily join up to become one "clump" of ten bodies. Each "clump" then forms up in close proximity to each other in a zig zag pattern to avoid having individual calvary breaking through. Facing the incoming enemies, they form an overlapping shield wall. And then, they become like a rock. If all ten men are able to mentally focus and overlap their concentration, then they will be able to withstand any force. By using this tactic a series of 10 man squads can halt the momentum of a cavalry charge and bring them to a standstill. Consequentially, the calvary are knocked over or forced to halt and can be taken care of with close quarter units as the horsemen can't maneuver in such a crowded space.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Using this technique results in the defenders receiving a fair amount of damage and recoil as well. Common injuries seen among the defenders include broken bones and dislocated joints.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gouriki tactic.PNG
Gouriki being used.
Gouriki Recoil.png
The recoil and its effects.
The chained Gouriki employed successfully against Gaku Ei's cavalry.
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