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Go Kei Army
Go Kei Army Portrait.PNG
Group Info
Name Go Kei Army
Location Dakan Plains
State Wei
Affiliation Wei Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
General Go Kei
Side Infos
Specialty War Chariot Unit

The Go Kei Army is the army in the Wei Military led by the late Great General Go Kei of Wei.


Keiyou Campaign Arc[]

In the Battle at Dakan Plains, Gokei's war chariots caused the most damage to the Qin army which was led by great general Duke Hyou. They were eventually defeated by Shin and the members of the infantry which was sent out first to attack the Wei army. General Kyuu Gen was appointed to defend the left hill from being taken as it was to their advantage to hold the high ground, likewise for General Haku Ki Sai who held the right hill of the battlefield. The left hill which was defended by General Kyuugen and one of the Ten Bows of China, Commander Kou Ri Gen tried to stop the unit lead by Commander Baku Koshin who led the infantry unit along with Shin who were ascending the hill to slay the Kyuu Gen.

They faced hard resistance as they were slowly being destroyed by the overwhelming Wei army. Kou Ri Gen shot Baku Koshin with an arrow but didn't kill him, Shin furious about it charged right through and slayed him as he finally reached the hill. General Kyuu Gen pulled out his weapon and stabbed commander Baku Koshin by likewise he was stabbed back by him and they both slowly died as the were laying on the ground this resulted in Go Kei's army loosing the hill. The Duke Hyou Army which charged the Gokei army HQ head one faced hard resistance from the war chariots who surrounded his unit as he went further in. Shu Ki and Ma Ki were also 2 dangerous commanders appointed by Go Kei to slay the Duke before he could reach the HQ, with their combinated duo attack they were sure that not even the Duke could survive what's coming. But they never really got the chance since the combined units of Shin and Heki charged in and flanked the Wei army, which resulted in Shin slaying Shu Ki and Duke slaying Ma Ki, which made the Duke Hyou army progress without getting seriously damaged. Go Kei's aces in the hole being the war chariots and his commanders had been defeated and he had no choice but to face the Duke in a duel which resulted in his death and the army's defunct. Haku Ki Sai tried to continue the battle after the great generals death, as his hill and army had not been destroyed yet, but he was stopped by great general Ou Ki and fled.



Go Kei portrait.png
Go Kei
1st Army Commander
Slain by Duke Hyou


Haku Kisai portrait.png
Haku Ki Sai
2nd Army Commander
Slain by Kan Ki
Kyuu Gen portrait.png
Kyuu Gen
3rd Army Commander
Slain by Baku Koshin
Shuki portrait.png
Shu Ki
"Officer Hunter"
1st Army
Slain by Duke Hyou
Ma Ki portrait.png
Ma Ki
"Officer Hunter"
1st Army
Slain by Shin


Kou Rigen.png
Kou Ri Gen
3rd Army
Slain by Shin


War Chariots

War chariots can easily run down infantry and cavalry like knife through butter and can be hard to stop.