Go Hou Mei

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Chinese Wu Feng Ming
Kanji 吴凤明
Biographical Information
Marital Status unknown
Age Late 20s
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Skin Light
Relatives Go Kei (Father)
State Wei
Location Dairyou, Wei
Birth Place Wei
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Coalition Army
Wei Military
Go Hou Mei Army
Military Rank Great General
Equipment Sword
Japanese VA Daisuke Namikawa
Manga Debut Chapter 266
Anime Debut Season 3, Episode 2

Go Hou Mei is a Great General from the state of Wei and son of the late great general, Go Kei. He is currently the highest-ranking officer in the Wei Military and holds the title of a Fire Dragon.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Go Hou Mei is a rather young looking man and clean shaving for his rank and responsibilities, Unlike other generals, he wears a mantle and a helmet, under which his long light-colored braided hair can be seen.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A calm and tactical minded man when it comes to warfare, he is very patriotic towards his state and his father, stating how he will avenge his death at the hands of Duke Hyou. He also has no qualms about sacrificing people to protect himself, such as when he used a soldier dressed him as a decoy to enable his escape from the Hi Shin Unit and his former teacher, Rei Ou from their leader, Shin. On the other hand, he was rational about his tactics as he states that his former teacher had lost his edge while he would surpass him in a year. Thus he concluded that with most of the Fire Dragons lost, his death would lead to the end of Wei in the future wars to come.

History[edit | edit source]

Go Hou Mei is the son of the legendary Great General, Go Kei. Based upon how he refers to Rei Ou as "Sensei", it can be inferred that Go Hou Mei was trained in military tactics from a young age by Rei Ou and his father. His accomplishments helped him climb the ranks of the Wei Military quite quickly and eventaully reach the rank of general at a young age. When the Coalition Army was formed, he was appointed the commander of the Wei army.

Story[edit | edit source]

Coalition Invasion Arc[edit | edit source]

Go Hou Mei is first seen when the Wei army encountered Duke Hyou on their approach to the Qin city of Chuukou. Warning Shu Hi not to underestimate his father's killer, he orders the men to trap them in a pincer formation. When the Hi Shin Unit destroys the formation, he begins using the Ryudoryoku but the Duke halts his men and retreats to the Qin HQ. Wondering if the Duke knew what he was about to do, Go Hou Mei dismissed the notion and stated that only Ri Boku would understand the skill.

On the 4th day of battle, Go Hou Mei is intrigued by the Duke's abilities, wishing to observe them but the arrival of the Zhao army forces the Qin troops to flee. Meeting with Ri Boku, he deduces the need for a continued attack on the Qin state and is shocked at the reason for which the Zhao general called for the Coalition Army. At the Fuuman Plains, Go Hou Mei is the first to arrive at the meeting for all five leaders of the gathered armies and notes that Ordo is sharper than he looks upon hearing the Yan general speak.

Battle of Kankoku Pass[edit | edit source]

During the battle of Kankoku Pass, he faced the main defense in the National Gate. He sent 2 siege towers, one to Chou Tou and other to Kan Ki, the latter burned to ashes, lamenting the fact that the sadistic General burned his men. 

After that, he agreed on Ka Rin's strategy. Then, resent the other siege tower. 

After Ri Boku failed his attack on Sai, he admonished him and decided to assist the Coalition Army against Qi.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[edit | edit source]

He led the defense of Chiyoyou, with the remaining Seven Fire Dragons as his deputies.

Then, he used a body double when the third day arrived, fleeing the area, and forcing to sacrifice Rei Ou to Shin.

Gyou Campaign Arc[edit | edit source]

Go Hou Mei is seen with Shuu Kou and Ran Bi Haku discussing Qin's recent invasion of Zhao's heartlands and calms they will lose for attacking Gyou while facing Tou Army outside Sanyou. He took the chance to reclaim areas up to Sanyou after Tou assisted the attack on Retsubi.

War of the Three States Arc[edit | edit source]

He returns to Dairyou, while displaying the Fire Dragon banner, for his thoughts in the deal: That Qin offer and assist in capturing Juuko, a Chu territory, in exchange for a three-year alliance.

He then commands Wei forces during Battle at Gecchi Plains. During combat one of his generals Ba Kai gets slained, so he changes the strategy. Wei forces play supportive role, while Qin is the main attack force

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Strength 60
Leadership 89
Intelligence 98
Experience A
Inventing a new invention
Strength 60
Leadership 88
Intelligence 97
Experience B
Invention: 99

Go Hou Mei is a strategist who is both inventive and cunning. He and Ka Rin were said to be prodigies in Coalition Army and he currently stands as the highest-ranking officer in the entire Wei Military. Following his former teacher Rei Ou's death during the Chiyoyou Campaign, he stated that in one year he would have drawn level with him, and completely surpassed him in the next.[1]

Go Hou Mei used the same pincer tactic his father did in the Battle at Dakan Plains and this seems to be the best way to utilize their state's war chariots on the battlefield. When his army engaged that of Duke Hyou's, he uses the Ryudoryoku which requires excellent coordination and finesse to pull off. He also mentioned doing research into poisons but realized his expertise would never match that of Sei Kai.

When defending the land of Chiyoyou he constructed nearly flawless defensive formation comparable to a single fortress. It takes advantage of surrounding rivers and mountains to spread out the Wei army. Because all the directions were lined to each other, they could easily get tens of thousands of reinforcements from several directions. The only way to overcome this formation was to make three successful attacks from different directions after a supporting attack from the front.

Due to not possessing any talent for martial arts, Go Hou Mei is very cautious about protecting his own life and is not exposing himself even at very advantageous situations. He places his Headquarters far from frontlines and commands either from a Strategist Tower or a hill behind the lines. [2] While being in immidiate danger he was shown using body doubles and preparing escape routes while being discuised as common soldier.[3] In order to protect his own life he was even ready to sacrefice his master Rei Ou when ambushed by Shin.

Engineering[edit | edit source]

He is also versed in engineering as he designed a siege tower (including a weight and lever system) specifically for the height of Kankoku Pass and siege crossbows that can fire bolts that are 4 meters long. This was impressive as siege crossbows were not commonly used at the time due to difficulties making them and he was able to manufacture enough of them to quickly be on the verge of overcoming the famous Kankoku pass with the combination of bolts, ladders, rope, and nets to form makeshift ladders that can scale even the walls of Kankoku Pass. It is noted that his skill in engineering is unmatched by any contemporary opponent as of now. 

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

Gohoumei hair.png
Go Hou Mei without his helmet
Go Hou Mei sacrifice Rei Ou.png
Go Hou Mei sacrifices Rei Ou

References[edit | edit source]

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