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Gi Ka
Chinese Wei Jia
Kanji 魏加
Romaji Gi Ka
Epithet Ten Bows of China
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Unknown
Age Late 30s
Gender Male
Eyes Grey
Hair Black
Skin Brown
Distinction Narrow Closed Eyes
State Zhao
Residence N/A
Location Bayou (Death Place)
Birth Place Zhao
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Ri Boku Army
Military Rank Commander
Equipment Bow
Manga Debut Chapter 167
Anime Debut Episode 34
In the five hundred years since the end of the Zhou Dynasty...From Kan Chuu of Qi in the early days of the Four Lords of recent years. Gaku Ki of Yan who shook the very earth. Haku Ki, Ou Ki and the other Qin Six Generals, General Ren Pa and the original Zhao Three Great Heavens. In this turbulent age of strife, there has always appeared heroic figures of whom the era revolved around. And now...the Great Fangs of times past will shatter. And with all these nameless individuals as the cast...THE CURTAINS TO A BRAND NEW ERA ARE ABOUT TO RISE.
On this giant stage, observed by the entire land...I wish to leave my mark, no matter how small it turns out to be. Even it means taking on the role of disgrace.

—Gi Ka to Kaine and Ri Boku.

Gi Ka was a Zhao commander in the Ri Boku Army during the Battle of Bayou. He was a member of the Ten Bows of China.


Gi Ka was an adult man who looked about to be in his early 40. He had dark hair with a long goatee and closed narrow eyes that opened occasionally. As a member of the Ten Bows, he a very strong build. He wore full armor of the Zhao Military that unique in design with a quiver of arrows strapped to the back.


Gi Ka was an insightful man, which in part could be attributed to being with Ri Boku the man responsible for planning the defeat and death of Ou Ki, as he took pride in his part to play in taking down the last remaining member of the Six Great Generals of Qin during the Battle of Bayou. Gi Ka was also quite sentimental as he stated that he was getting goosebumps from the fact that he was present for the final battle of the Monstrous Bird and one of the greatest men in all of China and wanted to leave behind his own mark of the grand scheme of things no matter how small it would be even it meant one of underhanded methods. He also understood that for the sake of Zhao’s new era the likes Hou Ken could not be allowed to fall.


Gi Ka was appointed as an officer by Ri Boku and leads his army behind the Qin forces in accordance with his commander's plans.


Battle of Bayou Arc[]

He is first seen leading the hidden army to pick up Ri Boku and Kaine from a tower close to the location of the battle.

Upon arriving with the Northern Cavalry to trap the Qin forces in a pincer attack, he comments that all their efforts have paid off to trap the "Monstrous Bird of Qin" and his head is worth more than the conquest of 50 cities. Gika goes on to state just how much of a legend Ou Ki is and says that Riboku will surpass him. After this, he moves closer to Ou Ki's location with a group of soldiers so he can set up the shot. His arrow strikes the Qin general in the back and ultimately leads to his death.

He had little time to celebrate his accomplishment as he was killed by an enraged and heartbroken Shin seconds after firing the crucial shot.


Strength 90
Leadership 80
Intelligence 80
Experience B

Strength 90
Leadership 80
Intelligence 80
Experience B

Physical Abilities[]

Archery: As a member of the Ten Bows of China, Gi Ka was a master of the bow and is seen using his skill to strike the crucial blow against General Ou Ki from a fair distance, which gave Hou Ken the chance to kill him while wounded. 


  • [To Kaine]
    "Today, that Ou Ki shall fall. That Ou Ki who was said to be the most powerful of the Six Generals. Do you know why, Kaine? That is because Riboku-sama here is a monster who surpasses even Ou Ki." (Chapter 168, page 12–13)
  • [To Kaine]
    "On this giant stage, observed by the entire land... I wish to leave my mark, no matter how small it turns out to be. Even it it means taking on the role of disgrace." (Chapter 168, page 16)



Shin slays Gi Ka.PNG
Gi Ka's slain by Shin
Gi Ka shoots Ou Ki.png
Gi Ka shoots Ou Ki


Gi Ka Appears Before Ri Boku anime S1.PNG
Gi Ka appears before Ri Boku
Gi Ka Aims Ou Ki anime S1.PNG
Gi Ka as he aims Ou Ki
Gi Ka Hits Ou Ki anime S1.PNG
Gi Ka hits Ou Ki
Shin Slays Gi Ka anime S1.PNG
Gi Ka slain by Shin


  • During the Allience Arc, a man appearing to be Gi Ka can be seen in the front of Ri Bkou's entourage. This could've been a mistake or a funny easter egg done by Yasuhisa Hara.

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