Gen U
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Hair Dark
Relatives Man U (Brother)
State Chu
Professional Information
Classification General
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Chu Military
Man U Army
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 650

Gen U is a General of Chu who stations in the city of Juuko. [1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Gen U is a middle aged man with a pattern design armor with insignia of a dragon on his chest plate. Short mustache and short goatee. He has a clean hair cut with lazy eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like the rest of fellow Generals of Juuko army, he isn't loyal to CHU. He is also a warmonger type.  Unlike Sen'to'un and Man'u who easily express their excitement when hearing the invasion of Qin led by Great General Mou'bu. Gen'U didn't show much hints. 

Gen'u is a quiet man who speaks when he got something to say. 

History[edit | edit source]

Great General from minor powers that were absorbed into Chu. Due to outstanding performance that match up against Kanmei's and other Chu generals and survive on numerous time. He was spared to serve Chu,  at some point  he was assigned and became part of Juuko's army.

Story[edit | edit source]

War of the Three States Arc[edit | edit source]

Gen'U was first seen playing Mah'Jong Game with his fellow generals to pass time. The army of Juu'ko sally out to engaged Mou'bu army after hearing reports of Qin's invasion on Juu'ko.

Gen'U and his army was station on Mou'Bu's left flank and awaited for the signal. But decided to take own actions when Tou's army (20,000) arrived to Assist Mou'bu who was on a stalemate against Man'U army which at a same time the Qin was forced to retreat when Chu's reinforments  led by Hakurei and Kou Yo Ku of 15,000 commander (30,000 men)

When the unexpected arrival of Wei forces numbering 70,000 men. Gen U and rest of the CHU generals that were engaged fall back to reposition. Gen U and Haku Rei were position to face against Wei's army.

As the battle starts, Gen U's army engaged the Wei army led by the three generals, Ba Kai, Jun Ei and Ryuu Han. Though Haku Rei army were present to assists Gen U army, they were still pushed back by combined charge of three generals of Wei, when Wei army has reached the second line where the rest of Gen U's men are elites army. The Wei army were taken surprised as the table has turn and now they were ones being push back.

Caught off guard by the sudden turn of event, Gen U took advantage of the surprise and head straight for Ba Kai who was station on right flank of Gen U army. By the time Wei HQ caught news of an approaching enemy at Ba Kai, Ba Kai was slain.

With Ba Kai gone, and his army are leaderless, the left flank of Wei collapse at an alarming rate. Jun Ei had to sent his reserves to support Ba Kai army to prevent the collapse of the left flank. This however reduces the overall offensive ability of the Wei army as a whole. Forcing Go Hou Mei to have Wei take the role of support while Qin took the offensive role to take down CHU HQ.

The rest of the battle on Gen U side has place both Wei and CHU on stalemate until the fall of CHU HQ. Gen U, seeing the situation, ordered his men to withdraw as there's no point in continuing the battle.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As a former Great General, Gen U is an exceptional general. Having fought against Chu, chased and slaughter every Chu General that cross his path in the past. He and rest of Juuko Generals are monsters beyond Qin-Wei alliance imagination. He was able to slain general Ba Kai in one fell swoop effortlessly demonstrating impressive combat abilities.

Gen U leads his men in a discipline manner, even when faced with three armies that charged at them simultaneously, they were unfazed by the efficiency of Wei attack. He and his men are veterans and are no stranger to having themselves pit against overwhelming odds.

Furthermore, like the rest of Juuko general, have led thousands of men as Supreme General before their nation been absorbed, hence he is an independent general who does not need any instructions from Juuko strategist unless it needs be.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Gen U portrait
Gen U slays Ba Kai

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Chapter 650 page 8
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