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Gaku Ka Army
Gaku Ka Army.png
Chinese Ye Hua Army
Romaji Gakku Ka Army
Group Information
Status Active
Leader Mou Ten
State Qin
Location Zhao, Gian
Professional Information
Classification Specialist Army
Affiliates Qin Military
Rank 10,000
Prominent Personnels
Commander(s) Ko Zen
Lieutenant(s) Riku Sen
Ai Sen
Strategist(s) Mou Ten
Manga Debut Chapter 184
Gaku Ka Unit! Our unit's strong point is our ability to do battle in an elegant and calm manner. Yet we're also capable of thrusting ourselves into the midst of savage blood-drenched combat. And today it will be the latter. As I'm sure you all know, this isn't exactly my cup of tea, but right now, there is a task before us that only we can accomplish. Today will become a brutal deathmatch.

Mou Ten's speech during Sanyou Campaign

The Gaku Ka Army (eng. Joyful Illustrious), formerly known as Gaku Ka Unit, is a Qin army commanded by General Mou Ten. A specialist army that currently consists of 10,000 soldiers, it was originally a 300-men unit formed from elites from the noble caste of the Qin state.


Anhou Campaign[]

Prior to the Qin/Wei war, their unit fought in the Han campaign and obtained many great achievements there. 

Alliance Arc[]

Sanyou Campaign []

In the border battles between the Wei and Qin, they show up observing the camp but refrain from getting involved at the time, as their leader was uninterested in the fight. They were credited with every accomplishment on the battlefront in the southern region of the border skirmishes between Qin and Wei. They were the first ones into the Wei city of Kourou and captured the castle within a short amount of time. The greatest merit from the battle for Kourou went to both them and the Gyoku Hou Unit

After the deaths of eight 1000-man commanders at Kinrikan, the Gaku Ka Unit was bolstered by 700 soldiers and Mou Ten was promoted to the rank of a 1000-man commander. On the fifth day of battle, the unit charged at Rin Ko's position with the purpose of killing his personal troops and distracting them from the advance of both the Hi Shin and Gyoku Hou Units. They succeeded in killing more than half of Rin Ko's personal troops. 

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

The unit assisted that of newly acquired region. They were later posted to keep an eye on the Chu armies to the south along with the Hi Shin Unit.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Due to the unit's accomplishments during the coalition's invasion, they grew to be a 2000-man unit as per Mou Ten's most recent promotion. The unit was then stationed at Kakuen which is South of Kaisou where the Hi Shin Unit was stationed.

State of Ai Arc[]

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

They were initially placed in the left, alone against Ki Sui Army. They at the mercy of Ki Sui, until Ma Kou Army came in. After Ma Kou was killed by Ri Boku, Mou Ten formularized the disarrayed army, and got temporarily promoted for the effort. Later on, they lost Ko Zen at the hands of Hou Ken.

Zhao Crisis Arc[]

For their effort during the Gyou campaign, the Gaku Ka are promoted to an army-level strength, with Ai Sen one of the newcomers.

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Zhao's Retaliation Arc[]


War / Battle Commander Achievement Reward
Han Campaign Mou Ten Multiple achievements gained. Should have been promoted to the rank of

1000-man Commander

Sanyou Campaign Gaku Ka Unit Captured the Lord of Kourou City Promoted to the rank of

1000-man Commander

Gaku Ka Unit (Working without orders)

Killed and defeated a significant amount of number of Rin Ko's personal elite troops and opened a path for the Hi Shin Unit and Gyoku Hou Unit to Rin Ko's HQ.

Disciplined by generals Do Mon and Ei Bi
Sanyou Aftermath Arc Riku Sen Push Wei forces back into mountains.
Battle of Kankoku Pass Mou Ten Destroyed Haku Rei's bow
Bought time for General Tou to kill the Chu Army's 1st Commander, Rin Bu Kun.
Promoted to temporary 5000-Man Commander and made commander of the Tou Army's right side. Part of
Gaku Ka Unit Attacked the rear of the Ka Rin Army's forces by attacking their infantry formation. Provided the Tou Army's infantry with breathing room.
Mou Ten Saved Mou Bu from Ka En's surprise attack. Cut down by Kan Mei.

Promoted to
2000-Man Commander
Gaku Ka Unit Multiple achievements between the Coalition Invasion Arc and the Bureaucrats Job Arc Promoted to
5000-Man Commander
Western Zhao Invasion Arc
March on Gyou
Team with Gyoku Hou and Hi Shin Units Captured multiple small cities on their way and creating refugees.
Western Zhao Invasion Arc
Battle at Shukai Plains
Gaku Ka Unit Distract the Ki Sui Army in order for General Ma Kou to launch the "real" attack on the Zhao Army's left wing. Teamed with Hi Shin Unit to preserve strength the Ma Kou Army. Saved half of the Ma Kou Army from complete destruction
Mou Ten Temporarily promoted to the rank of General and given command over the Qin Army's left-wing, Stalled the Ki Sui Army with his "Soft" style of warfare.
Saved Supreme Commander Ou Sen from the Ba Nan Ji Army and Fu Tei Unit's pincer attack.
Injured Zhao General, Ba Nan Ji
Promoted to the rank of General and given Special Awards.
Shiyuu Conflict Arc





Ko Zen.png
Ko Zen
Slain by Hou Ken
Rikusen portrait.png
Ai Sen portrait.PNG
Ai Sen

Known Members[]

Kou Moku portrait.PNG
Kou Moku
Chou Ro.png
Chou Ro
Go Ei & Kai Gen.png
Go Ei & Kai Gen
Den Jun portrait.PNG
Den Jun
Ro Ta portrait.PNG
Ro Ta
No image.PNG
Son Kan
No image.PNG
Tou Ka



Riku Sen Unit.jpg
Riku Sen Unit.
Ai Sen Unit
No image.PNG
Kou Unit



Gaku Ka Unit conquers Kourou.jpg
Gaku Ka Unit captures the Kourou City
Gaku Ka Heavy Cavalry.png
Gaku Ka Heavy Cavalry
Ai Sen's Rage!!.jpg
Ai Sen's Rally Cry!!


Gakuka Unit Anime S2 cheering.png
The Gaku Ka Unit
Gaku Ka Unit Captures The Kourou City anime S2.PNG
Gaku Ka Unit captures the Kourou City
Gaku Ka Unit Celebrates After Kourou City's Capture anime S2.PNG
Gaku Ka Unit celebrates after Kourou City's capture


  • Their name means "Joyful Illustrious" when translated and that is only one of its meanings.