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Gaku Haku Kou
Kanji 岳白公
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Unknown
Gender Male
State Zhao
Professional Information
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Zhao Military
Ko Chou Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 675

Gaku Haku Kou was a General of Zhao forces and one of the vassals under Great General Ko Chou. He served in the Battle of Eikyuu as commander of Zhao's right wing.


Gaku Haku Kou is a gigantic muscular man with big ears and jewels on his forehead and chin. He wears commanders armor.


Gaku Haku Kou is a man who finds great plesure in war, specifically in choking the life out of invaders who love battle. He thinks people will never stop fighting each other, since war is the height of entertainment. Shin describes him as apathetic as Gaku Haku Kou believes it doesn't matter whether you're killed by inteligent invader or an idiot.


Not much is knows about Gaku Haku Kou's past, but it was implies he served under Ko Chou before they were placed in the capitol. At some point he witnessed brutality of war and gained a new perspective on life. After his master became Guardian Deity of Kantan he dovoted himself to training and studying tactics.


Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Gaku Haku takes part in the Battle of Eikyuu and he commands Zhao's right wing. He positions his HQ at the top of the hill and is able to crush multiple Qin army due to his terrain advantage, including Gyoku Hou Army. After Qin devised a plan to reach the top of the hill he took his mace and decided to fight personally on the frontlines. He blows away their cavalry and faces Shin in a duel. Shin tries to hit Gaku Haku Kou with his glaive, but he dodges every attack and counters. Shin is blown away and caught in Bi Hei's arms. Zhao soldiers are surprised Shin can even react to their general's "vanish". He decides to give Ou Ki's glaive to Bi Hei for now and instead draws Ei Sei's sword. Shin starts to keep up with Gaku Haku Kou's movements thanks to the change of weapon. In response Gaku Haku drops the mace and asks his soldier for a moon blade. He claims that this weapon complements his martial arts the best. The fight continues as Shin becomes more agile and fast on his feet.

Gaku Haku starts punching and kicking Shin, changing his style again. His soldiers intervene and attack Shin too. In response Shin's troops try to help, but they are cut down by the general. Gaku Haku says Shin has a wholesome unit and talks how unity and camaraderie are pressures of the battlefield. According to him the war is humanity's height of entertainment and that's why they will never stop fight each other, especially those who are strong will start war after war. On the other hand he finds pleasure in killing those type of people. Shin is disappointed and calls Gaku Haku apathetic. Gaku Haku responds that it's because Shin is young and lacks perspective in contrast to him and Ko Chou. Ko Chou bears the pain of war in him while Gaku Haku pleasure, pain and ecstasy of war. He adds that the world should stay like that. Shin disagrees with him as the battle continues. Shin then is kicked to the stomach and vomits blood. Zhao general thinks that whether you're killed by an intelligent invader or an idiot you are dead anyway, so it's pointless to think about it, but Shin has a different opinion.

Shin falls to the ground after a punch to the neck. One of Zhao soldiers thinks that Gaku Haku Kou is unstoppable while he's wielding the moon blade, since there's no one who can match him in musculature and body armor. Shin starts to wonder how to get past his defenses and finally has an idea. He attacks his opponent head on. As he's about to counter with a kick Shin dives his blade in his knee pining him down. Then he calls Bi Hei's name as his friend throws him his glaive. Shin is able to catch it in the air and finishes Gaku Haku with a falling slash to the chest. Gaku Haku Kou asks if killing him gave him pleasure and Shin responds that it did. As he falls to the ground, Gaku Haku replies that it's good, but Shin disagrees. Later his head is cut off and stuck on Den Yuu's spear.


As a vassal of Ko Chou, Gaku Haku Kou was a capable military commander. After his master became "Guardian Deity of Kantan", he devoted himself to training and studying tactics.[1] He commanded the right wing in Battle of Eikyuu and decimated multiples Qin army including Gyoku Hou Army with ease.

Physical Abilities[]

Immense Agility: Gaku Haku Kou's fighting style revolved around utilizing an unique martial art that allows him to "vanish" before getting hit and appear somewhere else in an instant. Despite his gigantic size, he was able to easily dodge hits from Ri Shin's glaive.[2]

Immense Strength: He was shown to blow away multiple cavalry soldiers with a single swing of his mace and even push back Shin during their duel.[3][4]

Mace Expert: Gaku Haku Kou was a powerful warrior who uses a massive Gada mace during the battle. With this weapon, he was able to hard press glaive-wielding Ri Shin and force him to switch weapons to a sword.

Master Swordsman: Against troublesome opponents, Gaku Haku Kou changes his weapon to the moon blade that is usually carried by his trustworthy soldier. The sword allowed him to unleash both fast and pinpoint attacks and he claimed this weapon complements his marital arts the best.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: He was also shown mixing hand to hand moves into his fighting style, performing kicks and punches together with his swordsmanship.


Gaku Haku Kou was a capable and lead his men effectively in the battlefield. He was able to train his own elite cavalry unit that follows him into battle.

Tactical Abilities[]

Terrain Manipulation: Gaku Haku Kou demonstrated impressive tactical skills as he used advantages of Eikyuu terrains to annihilated enemy forces. Using the sea of cliffs and surrounding mountains, he created a natural fortress that is nearly impossible to capture. With gentle slopes in the terrain, Gaku Haku Kou created best defensive strongholds by setting up traps to deal whole armies swiftly.


Chapter 690 cover.PNG
Gaku Haku Kou's death


  • Gaku Haku Kou has a striking resemblance to Buddha.


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