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Ga Gyuu's friggin infamous! He's known for always using cheap tricks and dirty tactics in his fights, and everytime he conquers a city he'll go around gathering all the women for himself. He's like some scum you'd get from mixing shit and puke together and letting it stew!

Shin's assessment of Ga Gyuu

Ga Gyuu
Ga Gyuu Portrait.png
Romaji Ga Gyuu
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
State Wei
Residence Chin City
Location Kei (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Wei Military
Ga Gyuu Army
Military Rank General
Manga Debut Chapter 250.5

Ga Gyuu was a Wei general from Chin City.


Ga Gyuu was dressed in General's armor. He was quite fat and had a mustache.


He was a cowardly individual, who was known for using cheap tricks and dirty tactics to achieve victory. He would attack his foes when he knew he would have the upperhand, but he wasn't above fleeing when he was at a disadvantage.

As a general, he was very aggressive, often employing all his troops to crush his opponents. He would have his HQ very close to the frontlines, and this could be exploited.

Also noted to be extremely lecherous, according to rumor after conquering a city he takes the most attractive women for himself.


Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

Ga Gyuu first appeared at the head of a large army, outside the city of Kei. He demanded that the city should surrender immediately, to avoid any bloodshed. The cost of this deal was Hi Sui.

Both armies lined up to make the exchange, with the Wei army being noticeable larger. Once Ga Gyuu saw that Hi Sui was safely in his possession, he launched an all out offensive. Firstly, with a barrage of arrows, and secondly, with his infantry. However, this led to his HQ being very lightly guarded. Shin expected this turn of events, and he launched a flanking attack on the HQ. Ga Gyuu, realising the threat, attempted to retreat. Shin killed him in one attack.


Ga Gyuu was shown to be a deceiving commander and often used cheap and dirty tricks to win his fights.



Ga Gyuu surprise attack.png
Ga Gyuu launches 'surprise' attack
Ga Gyuu killed by Shin.png
Ga Gyuu's death at the hands of Shin


He was introduced in a side story (Chapter 250 extra).

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