Fuu Haku
Fuu Haku portrait
Chinese Feng Bo
Biographical Information
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
State Wei
Professional Information
Affiliates Wei Military
Military Rank General
Manga Debut Chapter 190
Anime Debut Episode 49

Fuu Haku is a General from the state of Wei. He was commander of the eastern wall of Kourou City during the Qin siege.


Fuu Haku wears the standard general's attire covered in a cape. He is of average build, has a scar next to his left eye and a thin goatee. He is often seen with a confident grin on his face.


Due to his experience in siege defense, he is very confident in his skills and faces danger in calm. However, his over-confidence led him to underestimate his opponents and fall for their tricks.


Fuu Haku has built his fame as a general commanding cities under siege. He must have been in these kind of situations numerous times, given that he is considered one of commanders best suited for the task.


Sanyou Campaign ArcEdit

When Kourou City was under siege by the Mou Gou Army, Fuu Haku was appointed commander of the eastern walls. Despite the persistent waves of Qin soldiers, he managed to repel the attackers and keep safe his walls for ten days, causing the enemy a lot of casualties.

However, on the 11th day, the Gyoku Hou Unit pulled a trick on Fuu Haku. They lit a fire deceiving him into thinking that it was just a smoke screen, but in reality they to cover the siege tower they had earlier brought into the fight. Ou Hon and his unit managed to bridge the city's defenses and enter the walls.

Fuuhaku realizing Ouhon's plan

Fuu Haku realizes Ou Hon's plan

Fuu Haku tried to calm his soldiers, telling them that it is only 200 enemies at most and that they could easily surround them. Despite their effort, the city defenders couldn't match the Qin in martial technique and Fuu Haku was obliged to bring the reserved units in order to finally surround the intruders.

Ou Hon ordered a defensive formation, much to Fuu Haku's surprise, only to get the chance to descend right to the city's gates, using ropes. When Fuu Haku saw through Ou Hon's plan, he alerted the gate soldiers but it was already too late. The gates were opened, the Gaku Ka Unit marched in an managed to sweep the enemies and take control of the city.

Fuu Haku was captured and his fate from then on is unknown.


Fuu Haku is an experienced general specializing in Siege Defenses

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