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Fire Dragons of Wei Arc

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Media Information
Starting Date March 6, 2014
Ending Date September 4, 2014
Chapters 379-401
Number of Chapter 23
Conspiracy in the Court Arc
State of Ai Arc

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc is the 14th story arc of the Kingdom manga.


General Tou is appointed commander in chief of Qin's campaign to conquer the Chiyoyou region of Wei. In this attempt the Hi Shin Unit and the Gyoku Hou Unit also join the action. As great general Go Hou Mei's defenses seem impenetrable, Tou decides to ask general Ou Sen for reinforcements. However, Ou Hon proposes a plan to attack the Wei HQ from three different directions simultaneously, while using the main army as a bait. Tou agrees to this reckless plan and appoints Shin, Ou Hon and Roku O Mi leaders of the separate attack groups.

On the opposite camp, Go Hou Mei reveals that he has three aces up his sleeve, the remaining of Wei's Seven Fire Dragons, a famous and extremely dangerous group of great generals. Those three men are being used as blockades against the incoming Qin forces and so Shin is set against Gai Mou, Ou Hon against Earl Shi and Tou against Rei Ou.

General Tou only engages his opponent in small skirmishes, as his role is to be a decoy. On the other hand, the 5000-man units go in an all-out battle against those powerful opponents. Ou Hon personally engages Earl Shi, a master in spearsmanship, and manages to slay him in combat and pass through his army. Shin clashes with Gai Mou but secretly sends Kyou Kai straight to the Wei HQ.

On the third day, all three attacking groups reach Go Hou Mei's post, with Kyou Kai getting there first and killing what later was revealed to be Go Hou Mei's body decoy. The real great general manages to escape and meet with Rei Ou in order to discuss the means to counterattack. However, at that point, Shin arrives at the scene and kills Rei Ou, mistaking him for Wei's commander in chief. Go Hou Mei, thinking that he still has much to offer to his state's military, chooses to flee the battle. Thus, the Qin army succeeds in its campaign and conquers the Chiyoyou region.


Characters Introduced[]


Kan Jou portrait.png
Kan Jou
1000 Man Commander in the Gyoku Hou Unit
Kyuu kou portrait.PNG
Shou Taku portrait.PNG


Gai Mou portrait.PNG
Gai Mou
Seven Fire Dragons of Wei
Jun Sou.jpg
Jun Sou
Strategist of the Gai Mou Army
Kou Ri Portrait.png
Shuu Kou.png
Shuu Kou
Commander of Wei
Rei Ou portrait.png
Rei Ou
Seven Fire Dragons of Wei
slain by Shin
Ran Bi Haku portrait.png
Ran Bi Haku
Assault leader of the Rei Ou Army
Shi Haku portrait.png
Earl Shi
Seven Fire Dragons of Wei
slain by Ou Hon
Shi Kika Portrait.PNG
Shi Kika
fiancee of Earl Shi
killed by Tai Roji
Tai Ro Ji portrait.PNG
Tai Roji
Seven Fire Dragons of Wei
slain for revenge by Earl Shi
Shou Sen & Ba Tou Portrait.png
Shou Sen & Ba Tou †
Seven Fire Dragons of Wei
slain for revenge by Earl Shi


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