Exit (TV Version)
Exit (TV Version) portrait.PNG
Media Information
Ending Theme 5
Length 1:30
Band The Sketchbook
Starting Episode Episode 52 (14)
Ending Episode Episode 64 (26)
21/TV Version
Soko ni Kimi ga Iru/TV Version

Exit is the 5th ending theme of the anime Kingdom. ?

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Romanized English
Kimi no yume wo miteru I keep having dreams about you
Ano hi no you ni ones that take me back to that day.
Nani mo kowagarazu ni When we were free to believe
Shinjiru you ni without fear of anything.
Itsumade mo omoidashiteru They’re always on my mind
Kimi no kotoba your words to me.
Kakimazeru hodo ni usumatte But they’re so faint that they get jumbled up
Kiete shimau yo and start to vanish.
Tashikameru you ni muchuu ni natte To keep them from fading away, I fall into a waking dream
Hadashi no mama mayoi kon de ita I was barefoot when I strayed off the path
Ashi wo tomete mo ii demo I know I could stop running, but still.
Oikakete mo te wo nobashite mo Even if I chase after you, even if I stretch out my hand
Mada kotae nai de demo oboetete the answer still eludes me, but I still remember.
Wasureru made kawaranai de ite But yet until I forget completely, promise me you won’t change.
Kimi ni negau kedo demo I beg this of you, but even so
Machi kogareta asa no you ni like a morning long yearned for,
Mata hajimaru nda it starts all over again.
mada oboeteru I still remember


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