Escape from Zhao Arc

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Media Information
Starting Date April 14, 2013
Ending Date April 25, 2013
Chapters 74-81
Number of Chapter 8
Keiyou Campaign Arc
Assassination Plot Arc

Escape from Zhao Arc is the 3rd story arc of the Kingdom manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This arc tells the story of how Ei Sei was smuggled from the state of Zhao, where he was held as a political hostage, to Qin in order to become the rightful successor to the throne.

Qin army commanders approached a group of black market merchants led by Shi Ka and asked them to secretly transport an eight-year-old child out of Zhao and into Qin, with the excuse that it was a very important figure for their state. Shi Ka accepted the job and promised to live up to her employer's expectations.

At first the journey went smooth, as Shi Ka had a lot of connections and was able to pass through the checkpoints without raising any suspicion. However, it was not before long that the Zhao officials noticed Sei's disappearance and sent a small army after them.

In the meantime, Shi Ka helped Sei face his inner demons and accept his fate. The persuers reached Shi Ka's wagon just outside Qin. After a fierce battle Shi Ka and her comrades managed to protect the future king at the cost of their own lives. Not a minute to late, Shou Bun Kun arrived and took of the remnants of the Zhao soldiers securing Sei and welcoming him to his new homeland.

Notes[edit | edit source]

In this Arc:

  • Kou, Sei's favorite palace girl is introduced.
  • Sei's dramatic childhood is revealed.
  • King Ei Sei sets foot on Qin ground for the first time in his life.

Characters Introduced[edit | edit source]



Shi Ka

A Mon

Kou Shou

Dou Ken †

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