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The Battle of Hangu Pass
Season 3 episode 3
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Air date April 20, 2020
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Two Battlefields

Opening Theme TOMORROW
Ending Theme Deep_inside

The Battle of Hangu Pass is the 3rd episode of the third season and the 80th episode of the anime Kingdom.


Although the army of the kingdom of Qi had defected and left the coalition, the latter was still powerful: the generalissimos Ordo of the kingdom of Yan, Go Hou Mei of the kingdom of Wei, Kan Mei of the kingdom of Chu, Sei Kai of the kingdom of Han and Ri Boku of the kingdom of Zhao met to set up the strategy for taking Kanyou, the capital of Qin.

Shun Shin Kun, the prime minister and supreme leader of the armies of Chu, will be the generalissimo of the coalition.

In Kanyou, the capital of Qin, Shou Hei Kun, the Chancellor of the Right and supreme leader of the Qin armies, asked all his generals to repatriate their troops and post them at the Kankoku Gate, located on a mountain pass offering the only access to the city.

The Inner Palace, which houses the quarters of the queen and the ladies-in-waiting, is in panic at the approach of the coalition.

But Qin's men did not give up. Qin's greatest generals, and of course Shin, leading his Hi Shin unit, are there to welcome their enemies.

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  • This episode covers pages 14-18 of chapter 268, chapters 269 to 271 and pages 1-15 of chapter 272 of the Manga.