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Kings And Ants
Season 2 episode 4
Episode 42 portrait.PNG
Ō to ari
Air date June 29, 2013
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Episode 41

A Tumultuous Banquet

Episode 43

A Third Force

Opening Theme GLORY DAYS
Ending Theme 21
Episode Director Mitsutoshi Satō
Script Writer Tsuyoshi Tamai
Animator Masatoshi Tomata

Kings And Ants is the 4th episode of the second season and the 42nd episode of the anime Kingdom.


Continuing with the Qin-Zhao alliance, the Hi Shin Unit continues to gain reputation on the front lines. In the first confrontation of the group of 300 men they meet a giant, Gou Tan, but Shin manages to destroy him easily.

Later, Shin is visited by Heki, who tells him to prepare because in a year there will be a war to conquer Wei and in order to get in as a high military rank he must gain many achievements in battle. Likewise, he warns him that many other people will approach the battle front to achieve the same goal.

Days later, Shin gathered his army to assassinate the commander of Wei's forces who wanted to push the front line. However, when they arrive at Wei's main unit they realize that they have already been killed by Ou Hon's unit (he is the successor of the main branch of the Ou family, Ou Ki was only one of the minor branches) who despises him and compares him with the ants.

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This episode covers the 180th to 181st chapters of the Manga.