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First Campaign
Season 1 episode 17
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Air date September 24, 2012
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Ryo Fui

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Threat Of The Chariot Corps

Opening Theme Pride
Ending Theme Voice of Soul
Episode Director Mitsutoshi Satō
Script Writer Tsuyoshi Tamai

First Campaign is the 17th episode of the first season and the anime Kingdom.


Shin participates in his first campaign. The battle for control of Keiyou, the gateway to Wei, intensifies. Wei sent 3 armies from the rear to defend it as Qin forces from all over the country marched on it. Each side engaged 150,000 men in the confrontation.

Wei, who because of her central location had to fight constantly, is seasoned in battles and is known for his war chariots. Shin discovers the functioning of the basic unit of the infantry, a 5-Man Squad Leader named Go. The men have to form their own teams of five soldiers, his attempt to sell himself as a powerful warrior in order to join a powerful squad will be a failure. He will finally succeed to form a team with the brothers Bi Hei and Bi Tou who belong to his former village, the silent Kyou Kai and the despised corporal Taku Kei.

Taku Kei tells them that they are part of the fourth army and that there are a total of six armies converging on Keiyou. As one of the commanders of his army passes by, he discovers that it's Heki, who is a commander of 1,000 in this army of 30,000. They must first reach Gan Castle where his lord, the dauntless general Koku Gou, will take charge of this army.

Unfortunately, the castle of Gan has already fallen and general Koku Gou has been slain. It is the work of the general of Wei, Go Kei, who executed not only the soldiers but also all the civilians present until the last. With this change, they had to join the 1st and 2nd armies at Asui and make a frontal attack on Keiyou.

General Go Kei joined Keiyou but he did not come as a reinforcement. He came to take all the troops of Keiyou and bring the fight to the land of Qin.

The news of the sortie of general Go Kei and his 150,000 troops reached Qin HQ at Asui. General Duke Hyou understands that he is not after the fortress of Asui but to make the best use of their war chariots on the plains of Dakan. Duke Hyou cancels Keiyou's attack and chooses to leave immediately for the Dakan planes without waiting for the 4th army in order to occupy the hills before the enemy. Heki doubts the value of this general because it will not happen so easily, the plains are only 3 days away from Keiyou against 4 days from Asui.

The 4th army was put on a forced march in order to catch up and after 5 days at this pace, they finally reach the battlefield which is already raging.

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  • This episode covers from 49th to 52nd chapters of the Manga.