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Qualifications Of A King
Season 1 episode 15
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Ō no Shikaku
Air date September 10, 2012
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Ryo Fui

Opening Theme Pride
Ending Theme Voice of Soul
Episode Director Kiichi Takaoka
Script Writer Naruhisa Arakawa

Qualifications Of A King is the 15th episode of the first season and the anime Kingdom.


Ouki asks Ei Sei what kind of king he wants to become and that he will kill him if he doesn't like the answer. Ei Sei replies that he will be the one and only king of the Middle Kingdom and that Ouki has become empty after the death of king Shou. He is ready to take him at his side if he stops running after the shadow of king Shou.

Ouki has a flashback of King Shou who had entrusted him to continue his dream if he had died but Ouki declined, he could not continue without him. Shou tells him that other kings want to unify the Middle Kingdom but Ouki says that there is only him who really has this desire. Shou regrets not having had 20 more years to succeed and asks Ouki to be ready if a king like him appears someday.

After the death of king Shou, many kings tried to recruit him with empty words but this young king, Ei Sei, is not bad. Like King Shou, he found his eyes burning with love for the nation and focused on seeing the unification of the Middle Kingdom. He told Shou Bun Kun that he now understands why he got himself all hot and bothered.

Ouki enjoyed this discussion but that Ei Sei could think that he is going to fight on his side is arrogant when he is so weak, he has to become stronger if he wants to have such a pretentiousness and he has no time to lose to fight against his little brother. He informs Tou and his troops that they must withdraw.

Shin, Bajio and Shun Men caught up with Sei Kyou who ran away to face Ei Sei. He orders the surrounding troops to kill Ei Sei but they remain perplexed by his presence here and then they see Ketsu Shi's head at the end of Bajio's blade. They understand that they have lost.

Ei Sei declares that he is a common fool that think the value of people is determined only by his high birth and that he is unworthy to be a king. Sei Kyou answers him that Ei Sei is not worthy to be king, he who possesses only a half blood of the royalty then attacks him. Ei Sei tells him that he doesn't know anything about the world and the people and that's why he is always alone. Ei Sei pierces his arm then beats him with his bare hands then spares him because there have already been too many deaths. He guarantees the life to all those who will surrender immediately and puts an end to this rebellion.

Shin finds Heki and Ka Ryo Ten to make sure that they are safe. As Heki is about to inform him of something, he interrupts himself for greet his majesty Ei Sei. Ei Sei sees that the fight was bloody and goes up to the throne to rest.

While the party is in full swing to celebrate the victory, Heki takes Ka Ryo Ten to discuss. He informs him that Yo Tan Wa is going back to the mountains and asks him to go back with them. That she must stop pretending to be a man and live on your own.

From a tower farther, Shin, Bajio, Tajifu and Shun Men see the discussion below. Bajio informs him that Yo Tan Wa has decided to take the child with her and then the mountain men leave when Ei Sei joins Shin. Shin leaves the courtyard because Shou Bun Kun has found him a house. Ei Sei tells him that because of his achievements, he can promote him as a court guard but Shin refuses. He wants to go to the battlefield, to get victories and to become a general.

Ketsu Shi's forces are still there but they are weakened, but Ryo Fui's power will be strengthened but only until he reaches the age of governing. When he will be 20 years old and will be crowned, he will be able to remove Ryo Fui from power without fail and then, he can set out across the Middle Kingdom! He asks Shin to climb the hierarchy in the meantime.

The news of the failure of Sei Kyou's rebellion reaches Ryo Fui, who laughs and decides to come back to Kanyou.

Ei Sei thanks Yo Tan Wa for his help and she tells him that the fight has only just begun and that she will send him messengers regularly. Ei Sei will do the same and wishes to exchange technology.

Shin and Ka Ryo Ten are on their way to the house that Shou Bun Kun offered to him. Ka Ryo Ten claims that she generously decided to stay with him in order to help him to cook, as he is unable to do so. Shin makes a detour to the village where he and Hyou grew up. He remembers Hyou's last words : Shin... take me with you in conquering all under Heaven.

Ka Ryo Ten is depressed when she discovers Shin's house, which is only a shed. Shin tells her that it is enough, he had nothing and now he has his own land and house. He is going to earn more renown and land, this is his first castle!

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This episode covers from the 44th to 47th chapters of the Manga.