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The Power Of The Sword
Season 1 episode 14
Episode-14 portrait.PNG
Ken no Chikara
Air date September 3, 2012
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Episode 13

The Roar Of Rankai

Episode 15

Qualifications Of A King

Opening Theme Pride
Ending Theme Voice of Soul
Episode Director Daisuke Tsukushi
Script Writer Masahiko Shiraishi

The Power Of The Sword is the 14th episode of the first season and the anime Kingdom.


Following the blow received by Ran Kai, Shin is victim of a hallucination in which Hyou explains to him that the death of the scarlet slayer Jo Kan is enough to avenge him and that it is necessary now to think of the future.

Meanwhile, Rankai has regained his will to fight after Sei Kyou's words. Sei Kyou tells that he bought Ran Kai on the black market, first to keep him as a pet but when a few years he grew into a monster then trained him to obey all his orders. Ka Ryo Ten is revolted by his behavior but Sei Kyou explains that commoners are abject creatures who are only meant to be ruled, so that the kingdom can prosper and remain stable. Ei Sei tossed him, of purer royal lineage, aside, and he ascended the throne. Sei Kyou removes Ei Sei from the throne because only those worthy of royalty are entitled to it.

Shin comes back to his senses and declares that by Sei Kyou actions are as horrible as the commoners he hate. Shin declares that no one would be willing to risk his life for him, except for the ape he has domesticated. Sei Kyou orders the officials around him to capture them. At first reluctant, they finally do it but Ka Ryo Ten neutralizes them with his crowbar.

Outside, the fights are still raging. Yo Tan Wa assigns guards to Ei Sei now that their numbers are diminishing and Shou Bun Kun is facing Gi Kou.

On Shin's side, he fights Ran Kai but his sword fails to scratch him. Heki tells him to have more confidence in the sword and that he only lacks experience. The sword is a weapon that is the product of centuries of research in order to defeat his enemies and that it is up to its user to know how to use it well.

Shin observes more the shape of his sword and has an idea. He asks Ka Ryo Ten to attach his hand to his sword and then asks Ba Jio and Shunmen to immobilize him for a while. They fight him but he continues to move, while Ran Kai is about to crush them, Tajifu throws himself at his feet and manages to immobilize him. Shin threw himself in the air and swooped down to make the best use of his sword point and pierced deeply Ran Kai which collapses.

The officials in the hall try to run away and do not listen to Sei Kyou's threats. While Ketsu Shi manages to open the door to escape, Tou appears and has orders to kill anyone who tries to pass. As they try to escape to the other side, Ka Ryo Ten uses his crowbar on Ketsu Shi then Ba Jio and Shunmen kill him.

One of the officials stabs Ka Ryo Ten, Shin kills his assailant. He asks Heki to take care of him and goes on the tracks of Sei Kyou who ran away during the tumult. Heki takes off Ka Ryo Ten's clothes to check his wound and discovers that he has a chain hauberk, the wound is not so deep. He removes the chain hauberk and makes a discovery...

Sei Kyou managed to reach Shi Shi and he informs him about the death of Ketsu Shi. General Ou Ki appears with his men and Gi Kou orders him to explain why he brought them a fake head of Shou Bun Kun, otherwise he will execute him. Shi Shi think that defeat Ou Ki's forces, taking his head is their only hope and that now Gi Kou mounted on his horse can not lose to him. Gi Kou attacks him but Ou Ki cuts him in two with one blink.

Shou Bun Kun asks him if he betrayed Sei Kyou and wants to join them? He answers that he went out just to have fun. Ei Sei tells him that they have no time to take care of him and Ou Ki says that he came to take his life.

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  • This episode covers from the 40th to 44th chapters of the Manga.