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En Ka
En Ka portrait.png
Chinese Yuan He
Romaji En Ka
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Location Tonryuu City (North East of Qin)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Sei Kyou Faction
En Ka Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 370
Anime Debut Episode 106

En Ka was a General from the State of Qin and a member of the Sei Kyou Army.


En Ka was a large, middle aged man. His hair was long, partially arranged in a top-knot and in spikes on the side. He had a mustache and a small goatee and a horizontal scar on his left cheek. His attire was that of a Qin general covered in a long cape.


En Ka was a joyful man, loyal to his leader.


At some point in the past, En Ka joined the Qin Military and managed to reach the rank of general. Some time during his service, he joined the Sei Kyou Army where he served as a commander under prince Sei Kyou's orders.


Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

When news of an attacking Zhao army reached Kanyou, prince Sei Kyou volunteered to lead the army to reinforce the city of Tonryuu. As one of his army's generals, En Ka tagged along in the campaign.

Upon reaching Tonryuu, En Ka led his troops in a fierce one-sided slaughter against the Zhao army, forcing them to retreat after only half a day's combat. En Ka commented on Mai Kou's smart move to retreat, since there was no chance for him to confront the Sei Kyou Army.

After their victory, En Ka followed his master inside the walls of Tonryuu, where they were welcomed with cheers and tears of joy. En Ka escorted Sei Kyou to the city ruler's chambers, where he fell victim to Hokaku's betrayal. Before managing to react, En Ka was beheaded by his own comrade, general Ryuu, who was also part of the scheme.


As a deputy, En Ka proved to be a decent military commander in Sei Kyou Army.

Physical Abilities[]

En Ka proved to be formidable in both hand-to-hand combat and showed a proficiency in glaive. He was able to dispose of foot soldiers with relative ease. However, he was not fast enough to react from a strike from Ryuu as he got immediately decapitated in a single swing.


As a general, En Ka was bold and courageous enough to lead his men from the frontline.



En Ka in battle.PNG
En Ka in battle
En Ka murdered by Ryuu.PNG
En Ka decapitated by Ryuu

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