Kingdom Wiki
Chinese Yuan
Biographical Information
Marital Status Married
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Black
Skin Brown
Relatives Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Son
Unnamed Daughter
State Qin
Residence Fuuri, Qin
Location With The Hi Shin Army, Zhao
Birth Place Qin
Professional Information
Classification First Lieutenant
Occupation Soldier
Liaison Between Shin and Kanyou (Formerly)
Affiliates Qin Military
Hi Shin Unit
Ei Sei Faction
Military Rank 1000-Man Commander
Equipment Spear
Japanese VA [1]
English VA Brad Swaile
Manga Debut Chapter 104
Anime Debut Episode 24

En  is a 1000-Man Commander and the first lieutenant of the Hi Shin Army.


En wears the armor of a Qin officer with the addition of neck guards on his shoulder armor (an addition that ended up saving his life during the Chiyoyou Campaign). He has a small beard.


Initially, he appeared to be cowardly with little love for battles, however, after the time he spent with Shin subjugating the lawless area he has gained a fair amount of confidence in not only his abilities but also as a commander. His respect for Shin grew to such an extent, that he was willing to sacrifice his own well-being in order to enable his commander to deliver the deadly strike to one of the Zhao Commanders


Training Arc[]

After the failed assassination attempt on Ei Sei orchestrated by Ryo Fui, En is placed in Shin's village as a liaison by Heki. One of Shin's first requests to En is for him to bring Shin to Ou Ki's City. Initially, he is reluctant to go as he heard rumors of how unwanted guests at Ou Ki's estate are put to death and En himself has a family with two small children to feed. He later becomes more cooperative when Shin gives him a pouch with gold.

After Shin had requested to be trained by Ou Ki and Ou Ki dumped Shin in a Stateless Area in response, En helps Shin subjugate the area in three months. After this, he becomes one of Shin's lieutenants.

Battle of Bayou Arc[]

He was part of the Hi Shin Unit, christened by Ou Ki himself. In an assassination mission, he led the other half of the unit, holding Zhao troops long enough for Shin to slay Fuu Ki. Later during Man Goku's routing the unit, he survived and went along with the others when they were trapped by Shou Mou, who was later killed by Ou Ki. He was also alongside Shin when he charged upon the Hou Ken Army.

Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

He was with the Hi Shin Unit when they charged upon Gao Lang Castle. He was also with Shin during the latter's duel with Rin Ko.

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

He was still on Shin's side, and he also took a tactician role with Shin when Kyou Kai left the unit, but worse still, they were on a losing streak as he and Shin were inexperienced in strategy and tactics, leading Ka Ryo Ten to be sent.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

He was alongside Shin when they were regrouping with the rest of the Hi Shin Unit members. He also survived both Man Goku's attack and Ri Boku's rout of Duke Hyou's troops and headed to Sai where they were able to hold their position.

Fire Dragons of Wei Arc[]

He was tasked to go with Shin against the Gai Mou Army and later synchronized with the Kyou Kai Unit to charge upon the Wei HQ.

State of Ai Arc[]

He was with Ka Ryo Ten when they held the Juuteki Tribe and Ai Army with the Loyalists just to distract them to allow Shin to infiltrate Kanyou.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

He was charged by Shin to cross the dangerous part of the river, while the former will soak any damage that the enemies throw. He mustered enough courage to cross the river and eliminate the Zhao on the river.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

He was alongside Shin when they charged upon Retsubi. Later they fought Ki Sui. He was also a part of the unit that showed up to assist the Gyoku Hou Unit. He was then used as Shin's rallying point against Gyou’un.

Zhao Crisis Arc[]

Shiyuu Conflict Arc[]

Battle of Eikyuu Arc[]

Zhao's Retaliation Arc[]


Strength 78
Leadership 80
Intelligence 80
Experience B
Sense of responsibility: 100

Strength 70
Leadership 78
Intelligence 79
Experience C
Sense of responsibility: 100

As the first lieutenant of Hi Shin Army, En is a very adept commander. He showed his abilities time and time again in leading the infantry and issuing tactics learned through experience. His biggest strength is his sense of responsibility.

Physical Abilities[]

En is very proficient with a spear.


En proves to be a capable leader and is capable of rousing his men in pivotal moments.

Tactical Abilities[]

It appears En is not good at large scale strategies and schemes, as when Shin and he were making the battle plans for the Hi Shin unit, they lost a lot of battles in various skirmishes. Although he does not excel at creating strategical unit plans, he is quick to issue tactical commands that deal with current problems.



Lieutenant En.png
Military rank.
En Armor.png
En's new full body armor as part of the newly promoted 1000-man Hi Shin Unit.
En saved by Shin.png
Shin saves him from Ba Tei's soldiers.


En AS2.png
En in Anime season 2
Shin Subjugates The Stateless Region anime S1.PNG
En and Shin subjugate the stateless region
Shin And En Departs For Bayou anime S1.PNG
En and Shin depart for Bayou

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