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Ei Sei Faction
Ei Sei Faction.png
Group Info
Name Ei Sei Faction
Location Kanyou
State Qin
Part of Qin court
Status Active
Group Personnel
Leader Ei Sei
Side Infos
Goal(s) Sole power over the Qin court (achieved);
Conquer and unite all of China. (Ongoing)

The Ei Sei Faction is a faction consisted of officials and military officers, that support the current king of Qin, Ei Sei. It became the third faction in Qin, as the Ketsu and Ryo factions already existed. It holds now most of the power and has Ryo Fui immobilized. But until now, they could not completely get rid of Ryo Fui.



Ei sei kingodm by nightangel35 dbxppkz-fullview.jpg
Ei Sei
31st King


Shou Bun Kun portrait.PNG
Shou Bun Kun
Chancellor of the Left
Shouheikun portrait.png
Shou Hei Kun
Chancellor of the Right
Head of Military Affairs
Defected from Ryo Fui Faction
Ri Shi portrait.png
Ri Shi
Keeper of Legalism
Defected from Ryo Fui Faction
Rui portrait.png
Sei Kyou's widow
Leader of Sei Kyou Faction
Shi Shi portrait.png
Shi Shi
Court official
Kou portrait.PNG
Sei's lover
Ryuu Kai Icon.png
Kou Kin.png

Court members & Families[]


Shin colored portrait.png
Ri Shin
Ei Sei's Sword
Heki portrait.PNG
Ka Ryo Ten portrait.PNG
Ka Ryo Ten
Yo Tan Wa portrait.PNG
Yo Tan Wa
leader of the mountain tribes

Former Members[]

Hyou Portrait.png
Ri Hyou
body double
Slain by Jo Kan
Ou Ki portrait.png
Ou Ki
Great General
Leader of Ou Ki Army
Slain by Hou Ken and Gi Ka
Seikyo portrait.PNG
Sei Kyou
half brother of the king
Leader of Sei Kyou Faction
Slain by rebel soldiers
Sai Taku portrait.PNG
Sai Taku
Defected from Ryo Fui Faction
Died a natural death due to old age
Bik Yuu portrait.png
Bi Kyuu
Slain by A Min

Armies and Military units[]


Former / Inactive[]

Ouki Army portrait.jpg
Ou Ki Army (former)
affiliation of Tou is unknown
Shobunkun Army portrait.PNG


The aims of Ei Sei Faction are two-fold: first, to obtain sole power over the kingdom of Qin and secondly, to conquer and unite all of China.


Arc Event Impact

Seikyou Rebellion

Sei Kyou launches a coup

near-total destruction of Sei's camp, its members scattered

Sei meets Shin and Ka Ryo Ten

gains military power

Sei reunites with Shou Bun Kun

Rebirth of Sei's faction

establishes an alliance with Mountain King

gains the power to retake the throne

Shi Shi joins the faction gains political power

Keiyou Campaign

Heki takes a post as a 1000-man commander

gains military power

Shin is promoted to 100-man commander

gains military power



Ryo Fui visits the king, flaunting his superior martial and political power

His use of scare tactics and mockery clearly indicate the power gap

Battle of Bayou

Ou Ki falls in battle

loss of military power

Shin is promoted to 300-man commander

gains military power


Ryo forms an alliance with Ri Boku Sei allows Ryo to take the lead, making Sei appear 'weak' before foreign powers

Third Faction

The Royal Harem joins Ryo's faction

Ryo gains court power

Sei's mother the queen sleeps with Ryo

This allows Sei to discredit Ryo, on the count of treason

Sanyou Campaign

Shin is promoted to 1000-man commander

gains military power

Heki is promoted to 3000-man commander

gains military power

Sanyou Aftermath

Ryo places another man in the Royal Harem to satisfy the Queen in his stead

Ryo regains power lost during his scandal

Sei releases his brother from prison to strengthen his faction

Sei Kyou joins Ei Sei Faction, Shou Bun Kun is named Chancellor of the Left

Coalition Invasion

Heki is promoted to General

gains military power

Shin is promoted to 3000-man commander

gains military power

Battle of Sai

Sei rallies the city of Sai to

defend against Ri Boku

Saves his nation from destruction, and earns martial and political strength

Coalition Aftermath

Shin is promoted to 4000-man commander

gains military power

Conspiracy In the Court

Sei Kyou dies in a rebellion

framed by Ryo Fui

Sei Kyou's wife Rui takes over his sub-faction, continuing to support Ei Sei

Fire Dragons of Wei Shin is promoted to 5000-man commander

gains military power

State of Ai Ei Sei is being crowned Official King
Shin saves the lover and the child of Sei Beat Ryo Fui
Shou Hei Kun joins the faction gains political & military power
Bureaucrats Job Ei Sei reveals, that he intends to rule united China with law the verbal promise of Ou Ken

to hand over the Qi

Shou Bun Kun seeks Ri Shi for advice Ri Shi joins the faction
Ri Boku fortifies the Zhao border "15 years"- the plan is in danger


Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc[]

Prince Sei Kyou's coup forced Sei's camp to flee. Ryo Fui, the king's former adviser, refused to return until Sei is dead, hoping to narrow down the competition for the throne by removing its current king. But after meeting Shin and forming an alliance with the Mountain King, Sei quickly retook the throne.

Assassination Plot Arc[]

Assassins are sent to eliminate Ei Sei, but he is saved by Shin. Sei's rival faction make their appearance, flaunting both their superior military and political might. Ryo admits that he intended to kill the young king, but due to his lack of power, Sei is unable to hold him accountable and is forced to wave it off as a joke.

Alliance Arc[]

While Ryo still had the upper hand in foreign negotiations, Sei set himself to appear weak, so that when he takes power, he will not be counted as a threat among the other kingdoms, and thus obtain the element of surprise.

Third Faction Arc[]

Failing to obtain the Royal Harem's support from his mother the Queen, he instead used her affair with Ryo to garner more officials to his camp.

Sanyou Aftermath Arc[]

To regain his lost support, Ryo places another man in the harem to please the queen in his stead, all the men that know of this incident are then assassinated. This serves to server his visible connection with the Queen Mother and squashes the rumor of their treason, while still maintaining her support. To counter this, Ei Sei releases his brother and his loyal supporters from prison, under the condition that they give his faction the strength to beat Ryo. Thanks to Sei Kyou's efforts, Shou Bun Kun is named chancellor of the left.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

With only the city of Sai between the Ri Boku Army and the capital, and no standing army to repel his advance or defend the walls of Kanyou, the state of Qin faced annihilation. To make matters worse, should Ri Boku reach the capital's gates, Ryo Fui intended to give the king up, in trade for his freedom. But Ei Sei refused to let his country, and dreams of uniting china, die without a fight.

Gathering the only troops the city had left to offer, he set out to Sai, where (after receiving reinforcements from the Hi Shin Unit and Duke Hyou's army) he roused the city's 30,000 civilians to arms. Walking among them each night to converse as a friend, and fighting at their side during the day, he raised their morale to unheard-of heights, allowing them to stay off the enemy's elite troops for seven days.

Conspiracy in the Court Arc[]

In an attempt to trap the king into going out to war, Ryo Fui arranged a small scale Zhao invasion. In a lack of generals to lead the defending army, Ryo Fui proposed that the king should lead it, just like he did in the Battle of Sai. However, prince Sei Kyou offered to lead the campaign himself.

Sei Kyou met the Zhao army in the city of Tonryuu and managed to repel it easily, but was betrayed by the city's ruler, Ho Kaku, and his own general, Ryuu, who were both working for Ryo Fui. The prince was imprisoned and rumors were spread that he started another rebellion in Tonryuu. King Ei Sei, who didn't believe the rumors, sent a subjugation army led by general Heki along with Shin and his newly formed 5000-man unit, with a secret mission to save Sei Kyou.

The rescue attempt failed, however, as Shin and the company arrived too late, finding the young prince on the brink of death. Before dying, Sei Kyou surrendered the lead of his faction to his wife Rui, asking that she continue to support his brother King Ei Sei.


Chapter 92 cover.PNG
Court Guard securing the sleeping chamber of Ei Sei
Assassination Plot Arc