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Ei Bi
Chinese Rong Bei
Romaji Ei Bii
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Dark Brown
Skin Brown
State Qin
Location Rui Plains (Qin) (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Mou Gou Army
Ei Bi Army
Military Rank General
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 206
Anime Debut Episode 54

Ei Bi was a General in Great General Mou Gou's army who participated in the Sanyou Campaign.


He had a long goatee and moustache. The top of his helmet was shaped like a shrimp's tail.


Eibi had a humorous personality as he joked with the men before battle.


It is assumed that he worked his way up the ranks to reach the position of General.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

Ei Bi is first seen rallying the second wave consisting of 8,000 troops and warns the Hi Shin Unit to be alert as the new units are being targeted by the enemy. He spurs them all with his words before ordering the charge at the Wei troops.  During the battle, he is told that 1000-man commander Jou Han is having trouble and orders reinforcements be sent to them. He notices that the Hi Shin Unit have become a rallying point on the field.

On the sixth day of battle, Ei Bi assigns the Gyoku Hou, Hi Shin and Gaku Ka units to the reserves in the rear. He states that being there will work to their advantage as if Rinko gets past the lines, they can catch him by being in the rear. Ei Bi commends Shin and his unit on breaking into Rin Ko's camp, stating that both he and Do Mon recognize their strength before mentioning that they might be in for some rough weather from the looks of the clouds. When the battle begins, he notices enemy movement and what appears to be the cavalry running around in circles. Ei Bi orders the defense on the left and right flanks to be reinforced but this works to Rin Ko's advantage as the Wei army breaks into the center of the Qin army, targeting Ei Bi.

Stating the vast difference between him and the approaching Rin Ko, Ei Bi wishes Mou Gou good fortune as he attempts to strike Rin Ko before being swiftly killed by the Heavenly King.


Strength 82
Leadership 87
Intelligence 82
Experience C
Loves: Shrimp

Strength 82
Leadership 87
Intelligence 82
Experience C
Loves: Shrimp

Strength 82
Leadership 87
Intelligence 82
Loves: Shrimp

As a vassal in Mou Gou Army, Ei Bi proved to be an average military commander.

Physical Abilities[]

Ei Bi shown some proficiency with a glaive. However, he was no match for Rin Ko as he was easily decapitated.


Ei Bi was able to command and rally men in battlefield.



Ei Bi Speech.png
Ei Bi's Speech
Ei Bi Charges.png
Ei Bi Charges
Ei Bi's death.jpg
Ei Bi decapitated by Rin Ko


Ei Bi Leads The 2nd Wave Of The First Day anime S2.PNG
Ei Bi leads the 2nd wave of the first day of Battle on the Rui Plains
Ei Bi Bumps Shin's Chest With His Fist anime S2.PNG
Ei Bi bumps Shin's chest with his fist
Ei Bi Farts In Front Of Shin anime S2.GIF
Ei Bi farts in front of Shin
Ei Bi Gazes Onto The Sky anime S2.PNG
Ei Bi gazes onto the sky
Rin Ko Slays Ei Bi anime S2.PNG
Ei Bi decapitated by Rin Ko

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