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Duke Hyou
Chinese Biao Gong/Lord Biao
Kanji 麃公
Romaji Hi Hyou
Real Name Hyou
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Eyes Grey
Hair Grey
Skin Brown
Distinction Spike Teeth
Beast Like Eyes
State Qin
Residence Asui, Qin
Location Southern Pass (Qin) (Death Place)
Birth Place On a battlefield, according to himself
Professional Information
Classification Army Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Qin Military
Duke Hyou Army
Military Rank Great General
Political Position Duke
Equipment Glaive
Duke Hyou's Shield
War Mask
Japanese VA Shirou Saitou
Manga Debut Chapter 48
Anime Debut Episode 17
Game Debut Kingdom: Ikkitousen No Tsurugi!
I would never have imagined that there could exist someone who could conquer my "Ryuudou". Furthermore, to have achieved it just with "instinct" is even more unthinkable. Even Zhao's esteemed instinctual general Kei Sha was not able to decipher this "Ryuudou" a single time. It would appear are a man who has surpassed the boundaries of my understanding, a general who is the true epitome of the instinctual type. You have my utmost respect. Duke Hyou.

Ri Boku, commending Duke Hyou.

Duke Hyou was a Great General of Qin, and the leader of the Duke Hyou Army. He was an Instinctual Type who used crude tactics to upset the entirety of battlefields with his berserker like and often suicidal charges.


Duke Hyou was a large man with a warrior's build, grey white hair, and large grey eyes that many called ferocious and beast-like, as well as sharp and fang like teeth. He has a long mustache and styles his beard into three long goatees. The Duke wore a red cloak on golden armor and wielded a glaive along with a spike rimmed shield.


Duke Hyou is known as a battle-thirsty and ruthless man who freely sacrificed the lives of his soldiers for the sake of victory. He displayed his intuitive instincts as he realizes the objective of Go Kei, who forced the fight to the Dakan Plains, and states that the field is where Wei war chariots are most effective.

He was a bold Great General as he led his soldiers on a charge against the Go Kei Army. From his point of view, war is a great blazing fire, and he strikes when that fire reaches the height of its strength. He respects opponents who are strong enough to give him a great fight as he says Go Kei showed a most impressive blaze in the end of their duel. However, during the midst of it, he mocked the Wei Great General for not having "the blood of a warrior" and called him a loser for his inability to let go of the bitterness from his past.

He also had a relaxed and joyous side, as he is seen celebrating alongside the Hi Shin Unit the night after Shin killed Man Goku, and forced Ou Ki to have a drink with him after the victory of Dakan Plains. Having no children of his own, he began to treat Shin as a protégé of sorts on the battlefield prior to his death.


The Duke in his youth.

A baby Duke Hyou being born on the battlefield

According to the Duke himself, his mother apparently gave birth to him during the midst of a battlefield and he since then proceeded to grow up there too.

His successful career earned him the attention of King Sho, who sent Duke Hyou numerous summons to return to Kanyou. He ignored each and every one of them. He had no need for glamorous light or dream-like the Six Great Generals. From what he could see, the six of them were people who were pursuing a dream; who set foot onto the battlefield to chase after some sweet dream that resonated together with the dream of the "War God" King Sho. But for him it was different. For the Duke, the battlefield is his home, and to live is to wage war. So long as he could fight on the battlefield, emerge victoriously, and have delicious wine to sip during the night, then he was completely satisfied. For these reasons, he did not become a member of Qin's Six Great Generals as he wasn't interested.


Keiyou Campaign Arc[]

Duke Hyou lead an army of 150,000 to invade the neighboring state of Wei with the goal of capturing the city of Keiyou. He split the army into 6 separate divisions before they reached the Wei border. Upon hearing the word of the Wei army's advance from Keiyou to Asui, he told his officers of Go Kei's goal and changed his plan to meet the Wei forces on the Dakan Plains to do battle.

Duke Hyou started the Battle at Dakan Plains by placing his headquarters near the plains after moving out from Asui Castle, and when word reached him that Wei war chariots had completely overrun the 4th army's infantry, he told the cavalry units to continue holding their positions. Catching on to the chance made by remnants of the 4th army infantry, he signals the 4th army cavalry to relieve them. While the 4th cavalry was overrunning the Wei infantry, Duke Hyou sent out the 1st and 2nd army cavalry to the Kyuu Gen's hill camp where the 4th Qin army was currently engaged. With Go Kei's army emerging from the plains, the Duke took to the field, leading a devastating charge with 5,000 Qin cavalry into the Wei army. Donning a war mask, Duke Hyou worked himself into a berserk-like frenzy that ignites his men and makes them an unstoppable force as they continue charging towards the Wei great general, smashing through two Wei formations. Rampaging through Wei armored infantry, Duke Hyou and his men continue on their path, until Go Kei sent out his war chariots to grind down their numbers. The Duke notices this but continued on with his attack. After assistance from Heki's cavalry unit arrived, Duke Hyou had his men aid in the pincer attack on the Wei chariot unit to his left. When he arrived at Go Kei's HQ, he killed Shu Ki with a single stroke after breaking past the Wei army's last defensive line. Coming face to face with Go Kei. The two Great Generals proceed to duel each other, exchanging blows with the Duke coming out the winner every time. He mocked Go Kei for whining over his bitter past, stating that, "If you are a general focus on how to defeat the enemy army!! There should be nothing else that occupies your heart!!" With that, he cut down Go Kei and destroyed the Wei morale. As the Wei troops retreated back to their state, Duke Hyou noticed Ou Ki and chatted with him, asking him to come to drink to their victory at Asui. He then announced that the Qin army was going home, stating that, "there is no task more difficult than attempting to immediately re-ignite a fire that has been extinguished."

Battle of Bayou Arc[]

During the Han Campaign lead by Mou Gou, Duke Hyou was stationed at the front lines of the Qin-Wei border to keep a close eye on them, because they were seeking a chance to retaliate for the Keiyou Campaign.

Alliance Arc[]

Duke Hyou was stationed in Asui. He along with Great General Mou Gou were nominated as potential candidates for leading the Sanyou Campaign. Heki was sent to Asui to ask the Duke for his opinion.

Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

In order to prevent the Chu from attacking Qin during the Sanyou Campaign, Duke Hyou, Chou Tou and Mou Bu were stationed at the Qin/Chu border.

Coalition Invasion Arc[]

Duke Hyou was first seen leading an army of 10,000 against the Wei army of 100,000 under the command of Go Hou Mei. As the Wei were moving to trap him in a Pincer Formation using War Chariots, they were saved due to the arrival of the Hi Shin Unit who coordinated with his troops to stave off the attack. As the Wei began to used Ryudoryoku, the Duke had all the troops halt their attack stating that "something ahead smelled extremely off." and had them retreat instead. He then commented on Go Hou Mei's skill, saying he had thought that Wei no longer possessed any noteworthy generals and realized that Go Hou Mei's HQ reeked of no ordinary strategy. He then told his troops that their HQ's fire was growing dim so they went back to save them. Later that night, the Duke met with Shin and thanked him for his assistance before explaining the significance of the invasion. After this, he asked Shin to accompany him and battle the Wei in hopes of stopping their advance. On the fourth day of combat, Duke Hyou sent word to the Hi Shin Unit to take the Shourai Mountain Paths and then strike the enemy in their flank. When the Zhao army arrived, Duke Hyou had his men retreat to Chuukou.

Later on, Duke Hyou and Qin's other generals were called to Kanyou. They were told that they would need every last measure of military strength available to combat the Coalition Army of 500,000 men and Shou Hei Kun then explained the strategy he had in mind.

Just before the Battle of Kankoku Pass started Duke Hyou interrupt the speech of Rin Bu Kun by screaming CHARGE!!! and attacked the Zhao army in front of him. After he charged into the Zhao army he notices that the battlefield had no “stench” so he reshuffled his men and charged again. When he noticed the movements of an army to his left in the distance, he charged over there. At this moment the Zhao Commander in Chief Kei Sha sent the Man Goku Army to attack the rear of theDuke Hyou Army who were exhausted from the first charge. When he noticed that Shin saved the rear he commends him and laughs at the thought that the person who inherited Ou Ki's Glaive is an Instinctual type like himself. He then had Kai Dou reorganize their formation and set his eyes back at Kei Sha in the back. When he finally was close enough to Keisha he retreated because the sun had set.

Later that evening Duke Hyou personally came to congratulate Shin for his performance on the 1st day by offering him a drink. He then gives Shin 1000 soldiers to reinforce his unit for the loses during the battle, and told him now isn’t the time for meaningless melancholy and to evolve in this war.

On the 2nd day, he just stayed at his HQ and observed the small clashes he would stay there until the 15th Day.

After ordering the Hi Shin Unit to take a breather, he played a prank on Shin by handing him wine instead of water, and tells him to cool his head and pay attention to his unit remaining strength. When Shin asked for the situation for the whole battlefield Duke Hyou said he killed 10,000 of Keisha’s men but can’t seem to bring him out. When Shin suggests using Duke Hyou as bait to draw out Keisha, then using the Hi Shin Unit to kill Keisha, Duke Hyou agrees. But the plan never came to fruition, because after the Duke charged the center, Keisha saw the Hi Shin Unit and retreated. Afterwards Mou Bu killed Kan Mei and his army destroyed their HQs. The Qin soldiers started reinforcing the other battlefields. After Heki reaches the Duke Hyou army battling the Zhao army, he used a type of psychological warfare to assist the Duke against the Kou Son Ryuu Army to the right. Shortly after the Zhao army retreated. Later that evening Duke Hyou told Shin their still missing something to make the Coalition Army go back home.

On the 16th day, Duke Hyou noticed some dust clouds and left his post at Kankoku Pass to chase a hunch, thinking Ri Boku was up to something.

In response to Ri Boku's plan to attack the second, less defended entrance of the Qin capital, Duke Hyou quickly flanked the Ri Boku Army. When Ri Boku notices the duke, he set up Ryuudou to separate the Duke from his soldiers. But by using his instinctual abilities, Hyou he was able to penetrate through to the center of Ri Boku's Ryuudou strategy. Ri Boku stops and compliments Duke Hyou's abilities as an instinctual general, but he reveals that the end of the Ryuudou was a trap just in case someone breaks through. Hou Ken is revealed to be the "trump card" of Ri Boku. Duke Hyou orders his men to kill Ri Boku while he duels with Hou Ken. Duke Hyou is overpowered during most of the fight, and when he hears Shin screaming his name, he threw his Shield at him, telling him to go FORWARD!! towards Kanyou. Duke Hyou then losses his arm to the Bushin but he manages to break Hou Ken's right arm. In his last moments, the Duke tells Shin -

Don’t ever let your fire die out.

before he falls and is slain by Hou Ken.


To read through the intentions of a wild beast like Duke Hyou is an exceedingly difficult feat. This is the Duke Hyou we're talking about here. The general who has crushed under his heel God knows how many strategical generals that sought to challenge him.

Shun Shin Kun talking about Duke Hyou's capabilities with Ri Boku

Strength 95
Leadership 95
Intelligence 70
Experience S

Strength 95
Leadership 95
Intelligence 70
Experience S
Heirloom: Barbed shield

Strength 95
Leadership 95
Intelligence 70
Experience S
Intuition: 100!

Strength 95
Leadership 95
Intelligence 70
Intuition: 100!

Duke Hyou was said to possess skills on par with the Six Great Generals and was offered the position multiple times but always turned it down.[1] Being born on the battlefield and serving in the Qin Military until old age, he held a vast experience as a military commander.

Physical Abilities[]

Immense Strength: A Great General, Duke Hyou displayed incredible physical prowess worthy of the title he holds. He was strong enough to break through an enemy infantry unit, killing 15 soldiers in a single swing of his weapon, and his arm strength was sufficient enough to cut a man in half effortlessly.

Glaive Master: Duke Hyou showed a great proficiency with a glaive. General Ou Ki himself also acknowledged that Duke Hyou's fighting prowess is at a high enough level to give him a difficult fight.[2] And while his combat abilities were not enough to defeat Hou Ken, he was able to land several heavy blows on the Bushin, as he nearly beheaded the Great Heaven, in similar fashion to Ou Ki, and broke his dominant arm before dying.

Outside of combat, he was noted to be able to brew a liquor that was so strong that it was able to make even Ou Ki blink in astonishment. He also had an extremely high tolerance of alcohol. It took ten men from the Hi Shin Unit to drink half a bowl of his special liquor before passing out; while he was able to drink one bowl in one go while still remaining coherent. This feat was so remarkable that the Hi Shin Unit wondered if he was even human.


Another key strength of Duke Hyou was his leadership abilities. When leading the charge, he was capable of working up the fighting spirit of his soldiers to the very limit, and turned it into one mass that overwhelm the enemy.[3] He was a charismatic man who gained a great deal of respect from his soldiers, as seen when many of them followed him to his death as they threw themselves at the Ri Boku Army. He also actively nurtured Shin's growth during the Battle of Kankoku Pass, and is knowledgeable about the limits of his troops.

Tactical Abilities[]

According to Go Hou Mei, Duke's way of positioning and using troops is completely opposite of the proper, he does exactly what is considered foolish by common teaching. He sends many of his men to die for nothing. However, on the other hand, he is able to win every vital clash on the battlefield allowing him to make up for the earlier losses.[4]

Instinct: As a general, he uses his instinct to decide how he fights his opponents. He does this by reading the movement of enemy armies and intuitively decides accordingly what the best course of action is. During a celebratory drink with the Hi Shin Unit, he says that warfare is a living thing, and therefore it is impossible to make predictions until the battle starts, causing there to be no outlook. He follows that up with, there is only one important thing; "that it's whether or not the Firestarter will be able to arrive at the location where a Fire can be ignited".

The Duke's style of combat is to commit troops to large offensives often resulting in massive casualties. Doing so however, he creates a lively battlefield which he intuitively reads looking at openings, key targets or opportunities as a point to "light a fire". Once a fire has been identified he will commit his troops to exploit this opening in an attempt to turn the opportunity into a decisive victory. Often leading from the front, the Duke has been shown leaping into thousands of men and leading passionate charges, drawing out a great deal of strength from his men. Ri Boku likens the Duke to a lion or predator, and notes that this tendency can upset many generals whose strengths lay in being tacticians. It was mentioned that with those methods, the Duke has defeated many strategical generals in the past.[5]

During the Battle of the Southern Path, he was able to decipher and negate Ri Boku's Ryuudou formation - a feat that was impossible to achieve even for Kei Sha. After witnessing this feat, Ri Boku described the Duke as the Epitome of the Instinctual Type, for his unmatched intuition on the battlefield.[6] He is also capable of using basic tricks on the battlefield, like moving away from his own flags. Although it should be noted, that similar to Ren Pa, due to the focus on Duke Hyou himself, this tactic becomes even more effective.



Duke Hyou on volume 7 color page
Duke Hyou's War Mask.jpg
Duke Hyou donning his war mask.
Duke Hyou Enters The Battlefield.PNG
Duke Hyou enters the battlefield
Duke Hyou And His Men's Fighting Spirit.PNG
Duke Hyou and his soldiers' fighting spirit.
Duke Hyou Meets Go Kei.PNG
Duke Hyou confronting Go Kei.
Chapter 71 cover.PNG
Duke Hyou and Go Kei begin their duel.
Duke Hyou Slays Go Kei.PNG
Duke Hyou slays Go Kei.
Chapter 73 cover.PNG
Duke Hyou's victorious salute.
Duke Hyou leads Shin in battle.jpg
The Duke Hyou Army attacks the Ri Boku Army's rear.
Duke Hyou and Shin
Duke Hyou.jpg
The Duke Crush The Zhao
Duke Hyou Vs Hou Ken.PNG
Duke Hyou strikes Hou Ken
Duke hyou passes on his shield.png
Duke Hyou throws his shield towards Shin
Duke hyou loses an arm.png
Duke Hyou's arm severed by Hou Ken
Duke hyou breaks houken's arm.png
Duke Hyou breaking Hou Ken's arm
Duke Hyou dying words.PNG
Duke Hyou's dying words to Shin
Volume 30 cover.PNG
Duke Hyou on volume 30 cover

Duke Hyou Character Design anime S1.PNG
Duke Hyou's character design anime S1
Duke Hyou Wears His War Mask anime S1.PNG
Duke Hyou dons his war mask
Episode 21 portrait.PNG
Duke Hyou and his men's fighting spirit
Duke Hyou And Go Kei Confront anime S1.PNG
Duke Hyou confronts Go Kei
Episode 22 portrait.PNG
Duke Hyou strikes Go Kei
Duke Hyou Slays Go Kei anime S1.PNG
Duke Hyou slays Go Kei


  • According to Shin, the Duke reeked of booze.
  • He is based on a real historical figure, Biao Gong.[1]


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