Dragon's Talon
Dragon's Talon By Ou Hon
Known Users: Ou Hon
Earl Shi
Weapon: Spear
It is the fruit of relentless training.

— Vice Captain Banyou on Ou Hon's technique.

Dragon's Talon (jap. Ryuu Shi) is a lethal spear technique used by advanced spear wielder and requires immense training as well as mastery of the spear to be used in combat. It relies on the manipulation of the spear by its wielder to change the trajectory of the blow at will. Known users of this technique in the series shown so far are Ou Hon and Earl Shi.


During the battle between the Gyoku Hou Unit and the Earl Shi Army, Earl Shi is also shown using this technique to counter Ou Hon's attack.


The technique has been seen performed when the user is riding a horse. It appears to draw its power from manipulation of the spear by its wielder who uses the right hand to control the spear head while the left hand grips its shaft. Visually, the spear appears to "bend" mid-strike before it hits its target.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

This is a very powerful move as Ou Hon is only seen using it against troublesome opponents.

The weakness is that in the face of fighters who have fought spear users, its unpredictability diminishes drastically and the move can be countered if one is skilled enough. Rin Ko, one of Ren Pa's Four Heavenly Kings, showed this by throwing his sword to stab Ou Hon after he did the move and reduced its deadly impact.


Manga Edit

Dragon's Talon By Ou Hon
Ou Hon's Dragon's Talon
Dragon's Talon By Shi Ei
Earl Shi's Dragon's Talon

Anime Edit

Dragon's Talon anime portrait
Ou Hon's Dragon Talon


Rin Ko to Ou Hon: "Did you know? An opening will always arise right after using a big technique."