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As I thought, the loss of two 1000-man units in an army of 8,000 is just too great a blow...

Do Mon refering to his army after Rin Ko attacked.

Do Mon Army
Do Mon charges.png
Group Info
Named by Do Mon
State Qin
Part of Mou Gou Army (defunct)
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
Reporting to Mou Gou (Defunct)
Ou Sen
Shou Hei Kun
Leader Do Mon
Side Infos
Specialty Vanguard

The Do Mon Army is the army led by General Do Mon of Qin.


The Do Mon army must of been serving under the Mou Gou Army for quite sometime in order to be in charge of the vanguard during the Sanyou Campaign.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

During the battle at Rui Plains, Do Mon led the vanguard for the Mou Gou Army with 8,000 men against the Haku Ki Sai Army vanguard of 8,000 led by Rin Ko. At first he was pushing back the Wei army until Rin Ko started to order his troops around and personally lead the charge. Tai Un who was a newly promoted 1000-Man Commander was slain by Rin Ko. The En Bi unit which was also a newly promoted 1000-Man Unit wa struggling and they needed reinforcements. Do Mon figured out Rin Ko's plan of deliberately attacking his new units. However it was to late for him to react as Rin Ko and his 500 man unit charged right into the Gyoku Hou Unit. This prompted Do Mon to charge into the front lines and rally his men back so they could began pushing back the Wei army again leaving Ou Hon to fend for himself until Ei Bi led the 2nd army of 8,000 men to assist him the Do Mon Army.

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

After the Kan Ki Army and Hi Shin Unit finally conquered Koku You Hills Shou Hei Kun immediately order the Do Mon Army along with Kou Ryuu to gather their armies of 10,000 men and both reinforce the new Qin-Zhao borderline against the threat of a Zhao counter attack.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

The Do Mon army is in the service of the Ou Sen Army. Do Mon is present during the meeting outside of Kinan. Since his army hasn't been shown yet he must be stationed in the center army under Ou Sen's command.



Reporting to[]

Mou Gou.png
Mou Gou † (Defunct)
Great General
Sanyou Campaign
Ou Sen Full Body.png
Shouheikun portrait.png
Shou Hei Kun
Head of Military Affairs
Koku You Campaign Arc


Do Mon portrait.PNG
Do Mon

1000-Man Commanders[]

Ou Hon.jpeg
Taiun portrait.PNG
Tai Un
Slain by Rin Ko


  • En Bi Unit
  • Tai Un Unit


Situational Members[]