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Do Mon
Do Mon portrait.PNG
Chinese Tu Men
Biographical Information
Marital Status Unknwno
Age 40s
Gender Male
State Qin
Professional Information
Affiliates Mou Gou Army (defunct)
Qin Military
Military Rank General
Political Position N/A
Equipment Podao
Manga Debut Chapter 205
Anime Debut Episode 54

Do Mon is a General of Qin and leader of the Do Mon Army who served in the Mou Gou Army during the Sanyou Campaign. He later served within the Ou Sen Army during the Western Zhao Invasion Arc.


Do Mon has a short goatee and a mustache.


Do Mon has a very loud voice and uses it to either announce or encourage the Qin troops. 


It is assumed that he worked his way up the ranks to reach the position of General.


Sanyou Campaign Arc[]

He is first seen announcing the movements of Ou Sen and Ren Pa's troops, stating to all present that the hour of battle draws near.

Do Mon is put in charge of the vanguard unit consisting of 8,000 troops and bolsters them all with his words before ordering the charge at the Wei troops.  During the Sanyou Campaign, he is told that 1000-man commander Tai Un has been killed and notes that Taiun's unit was a hastily assembled one. Upon hearing another unit struggling, Domon deduces that someone on the enemy side is deliberately targeting the new units. He fights in the battle and holds the line, spurring his men on to follow him as he moves across the field.

On the fifth day of battle, Do Mon commands the men to hold firm in the center when he sees the Gaku Ka Unit advance forward. A messenger informs him that they are acting as an independent unit and have left 200 men to support the center army. On the sixth day, the Qin troops engage the Wei and the general moves to plug a gap on the right side believed to be Rin Ko attempting to break through. The position seems to recover slightly upon his arrival. 

Koku You Campaign Arc[]

In order to secure the Region of Koku You for future invasion after the Kan Ki Army victory, he along with Kou Ryuu were heading there as reinforcements.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[]

Do Mon later served within the Ou Sen Army.


Strength 83
Leadership 88
Intelligence 84
Experience C
Special skill: Acupressure

Strength 83
Leadership 87
Intelligence 83
Experience C
Special skill: Acupressure

Strength 83
Leadership 87
Intelligence 83
Special skill: Acupressure

Do Mon proves to be an average military commander.

Physical Abilities[]

Do Mon shows some proficiency with a glaive as he slain multiple enemies in frontlines.


Do Mon is able to command and rally men in battlefield.


Do Mon giving a speech.png
Do Mon giving a speech
Do Mon charges.png
Do Mon preparing to charge!
Do Mon.png
Do Mon on the frontline
Do Mon Army orders.png
Do Mon given orders by Shou Hei Kun
Do Mon Gyou Arc.png
Do Mon during Gyou invasion
Do Mon without Helmet.png
Do Mon without a Helmet
Do Mon stepped on.png
Do Mon stepped on
Do Mon General.png
General Do Mon

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