Feego king.png
Epithet Feego King
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Distinction King of The Feego Tribe
State Qin
Location With the Yo Tan Wa Army
Professional Information
Classification Calvary
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Feego Tribe
Yo Tan Wa Army
Qin Military
Military Rank Army Commander
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 518

Danto also known as Feego King is one of Yo Tan Wa's Commanders. He is the leader of the Feego Tribe.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Danto is a very large man who wears a pretty standard mask for the feego tribe. His mask covers up most of his face except his mouth and eyes and it puts a lot of emphasis on his chin. He also has quite a few straps on his body, particularly on his torso, and the lower part of his arm and legs. He also wears fur around the upper half of his torso and legs.

Personality [edit | edit source]

He is very arrogant and aroused by Yo Tan Wa like saying he wants to bury his head in her nethers or if he could bed her he would happily die 100 times. This stems mainly from her martial might and beauty.

History[edit | edit source]

Before Danto’s Feego Tribe joined the Yo Tan Wa Army they were having fierce battles against them.

Story[edit | edit source]

Western Zhao Invasion Arc[edit | edit source]

Danto was first introduced during the Battle of Ryouyou with his bird Capro talking to Ba Jio about the reason all the selfish tribe leaders joined under Yo Tan Wa’s banner. He said all the Tribe leaders joined because Yo Tan Wa's strength is out of this world and to bed a woman like that by force would just result in getting cut down. So all the tribe leaders join in the hope of racking up enough achievements that Yo Tan Wa will willingly open up her legs for them. Danto then noticed the In Tribe has started so he later charged the Kou Son Ryuu led Ryouyou Army.

After the Yo Tan Wa Army followed the Zhao Army to the City of Ryouyou they were attacked by the Quanrong residents of the city. When Yo Tan Wa started making a comeback against them Danto said if he could bury his head in her nether dying a hundred deaths will be worth it. Danto then told Pam to tell Heki that since Yo Tan Wa has “set up a new rallying point that they should fall back a hundred paces and reform a line.”

At the end of the first day, Danto noted that so many of them had died. But when he tried to compliment Yo Tan Wa she immediately told him not to talk to her since she was in a bad mood.

Danto was next seen at the end of the eight-day looking at the Mountain Tribes infighting with Yo Tan Wa noting that the entire army will collapse in three days.

In ensuring strategy, he took his tribe and fought Tork, the youngest brother. Feego King's army suffered a loss of half his men, but he manages to kill the latter. Then he made a counterattack on Shun Sui Ju and Rozo's position. He dueled the Quanrong King but was nearly killed when Heki slashed through the Quanrong King, killing him.

Abilities [edit | edit source]

As the king of Feego Tribe, Danto is a powerful warrior and charismatic leader, With his leadership, he was able to reach Tork, at the cost of half his army and his opponent having far superior numbers. 

Danto proves himself to be a talented warrior as he killed the young commander with a single strike of his glaive. He was later able to fight on par with Rozo, King of Quanrong Tribe, although he was eventually overpowered.

Gallery [edit | edit source]

Feego tribe.png
Feego king.png
Danto kills Tork.png
Danto slays Tork
Rozo vs Danto.jpeg
Rozo vs Danto

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name was not revealed until Chapter 552.
  • He has a pet hawk called Capro.[1]
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