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Commander-in-Chief or Supreme Commander is the title given to the leader of an enormous army or the chief of military affairs who presides over a state's overall military command.

Selection[edit | edit source]

The commander-in-chief is traditionally a general or Great General appointed by the king and his war council. There are exceptions to a commander-in-chief being either a handpicked general or the supreme commander of the kingdom's military such as experienced strategists or even political leaders.

Duty[edit | edit source]

The commander is not only placed in charge of the army's various generals but can delegate other military commanders to function as executives or deputy generals.

Succession[edit | edit source]

In the event that the commanding general is killed or otherwise indisposed, another general is sometimes chosen to act as an acting commander-in-chief.

Generals who've held this post[edit | edit source]

Qin[edit | edit source]

Zhao[edit | edit source]

Wei[edit | edit source]

Chu[edit | edit source]

Yan[edit | edit source]

Han[edit | edit source]

Qi[edit | edit source]

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