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Coalition Army
Coalition Generals.png
Group Info
Name Coalition Army
Location Kankoku Pass
State Chu
Status Disbanded
Group Personnel
Leader Shun Shin Kun (Commander in Chief)
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The Coalition Army is an army consisting of different armies of the 6 warring states Zhao, Chu, Wei, Yan, Han and Qi, organized by Ri Boku to wipe Qin off the map. After Qin's successful campaign against Wei and the conquest of Sanyou, Ri Boku realized what Shou Hei Kun was planning to continue expanding Qin's borders and the danger of this plan meant for China in a whole and therefore wanted to put an end to it. So in secret he visited all prime ministers and kings of the warring states to discuss an alliance to crush Qin once and for all and split the territory between them. 

The state of Qi later withdrew from the coalition, because Qin's official of diplomacy Sai Taku used his personal friendship with the Qi King to convince him to withdraw.

Armies of the 6 states[]

The coalition army is divided in the following way.



  • Coalition commander-in-chief Shun Shin Kun of Chu - is assigned the position of commander-in-chief of the coalition army as part of an agreement between Chu and Zhao for Chu to live up to its appearance as the current mightiest state.

Strategist and de facto Leader[]


  • Strategist Ri Boku - Prime Minister and one the Three Great Heavens of Zhao is currently the strategist. Being the one who took the initiative of summoning and organizing the coalition, he was the actual leader of the coalition.


Coalition Zhao Army

The Zhao amassed an Army of 120,000 soldiers but it dwindled due to the battle with Duke Hyou Army and the Hi Shin Unit. The Army was divided between four commanders. They lost General Man Goku at the first day of the battle, who was slain by Shin.

30,000 soldiers was a part of the Ri Boku Army whose objective was to sneak pass the Kankoku pass by taking a hidden road through the mountains.

Kei Sha portrait.PNG
Deputy of Zhao Army, General Kei Sha, 20,000 troops.
Rihaku portrait.png
General Ri Haku, Centre Army Commands, 60,000 troops.
Ri Haku Army
Man Goku portrait.png
General Man Goku †, 20,000
Man Goku Army
Slain by Shin
Kouson Ryuu.png
General Kou Son Ryuu, 20,000 troops.
Houken Main Page.png
Great General Hou Ken
appeared later in the Ri Boku Army
Shin Sei Jou portrait.png
General Shin Sei Jou
appeared later in the Ri Boku Army. Was later slain by Ba Jio
No image.PNG
Sonsei †
General in Ri Boku Army
Slain by Yo Tan Wa Army


The Chu amassed an Army of 150,000 soldiers but has been reduced to half its number. It is divided between the three commanders. After the death of Rin Bu Kun, the 1st army is divided over the other two armies.

Coalition Chu army

Kan Mei portrait.png
Kan Mei †, leader of all Chu armies and commander of the third army of 50,000 soldiers, later 70 to 75.000 troops. Was later killed in a duel with Mou Bu.
Ka Rin portrait.PNG
Ka Rin, commander of the second army of 50,000 soldiers. later 70 to 75,000 troops.
Rin Bu Kun portrait.png
Rin Bu Kun †, commander of the first army comprising of 50,000 soldiers. Was slain in combat against Tou.
Bei Man portrait.PNG
Bei Man, a Chu strategist and general under the command of Kan Mei.
Gou Ma Sho portrait.PNG
Gou Ma Sho, a Chu strategist and general under the command of Kan Mei .
Jin Ou portrait.PNG
Jin Ou, a Chu strategist under the command of Kan Mei.


The Wei amassed an army of 100,000 soldiers but their numbers have dwindled due to the stalemate in Kankoku Pass. They have put in place a variety of siege warfare constructs for the coalition.

the Wei army

Go Hou Mei portrait.png
General Go Hou Mei, commander of 100,000 soldiers.


The Yan amassed an army of 120,000 soldiers to participate in the coalition. However there numbers have dropped significantly due to Ou Sen's machinations of mountain warfare and ambush that killed eight thousand elite Yan mountain soldiers. Ordo's own army consists of Yan mountain tribe troops, giving them a specialty in mountain siege warfare for the coalition army.

  • Yan army commander-in-chief - Ordo
Yan army.png
Ordo portrait.png
General Ordo, commander of an army of 120,000 soldiers.


The Han amassed an army of 50,000 soldiers but there numbers have dwindled exponentially due to Kan Ki's and Chou Tou's surprise attack on their camp that killed commander-in-chief Sei Kai. This army consists of Sei Kai's personal soldiers who are trained in, scarred by and equipped with the poisons he personally made.

  • Han army commander-in-chief - Sei Kai
  • Han army Stand-in Commander in chief - Chou In
Sei Kai portrait.png
General Sei Kai †, commander of an army of 50,000 soldiers. Was killed by Chou Tou in combat.
Chou In portrait.PNG
When Sei Kai fell in combat, Chou In took command of the whole Han army.


Qi sent 50,000 troops to participate in this coalition, but due to the diplomatic efforts of Sai Taku they withdrew from the coalition.

  • Qi army commander-in-chief - Gan Mo.