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Clan Shukyou
Clan Shukyou portrait.jpg
Shukyou (jap.); Zhuxiong (chin.)
Group Info
Name Clan Shukyou
Affiliation Clan Shiyuu
Status Active
Group Personnel
Leader En Tei
Units Assassins
Side Infos
Specialty Assassinations;

Clan Shukyou (朱凶, Zhū xiōng) is an assassin clan that existed in China and served Clan Shiyuu for over 200 years. Their current clan leader is En Tei, a young man who is rumored to be very talented.


Their members are male, wear long red and black robes and have markings near their eyes. They hold great respect for the prowess of Clan Shiyuu. This is shown by the Shukyou members who knelt before Kyou Kai in front of the other assassin clans during their meeting in Qin.


The Shukyou served Clan Shiyuu for over 200 years.


Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc[]

Jo Kan, a member of the clan, was sent to kill Ei Sei a year prior but failed as he was defeated an unknown servant boy named Shin and was killed by the young king.

Assassination Plot Arc[]

Three of their members are seen killing officials in the Qin capital of Kanyou before heading to the meeting at which other assassin clans were present. Upon hearing of the Shiyuu in their midst, they checked to see if it was the real one before kneeling to the person. They arrived in the palace alongside Kyou Kai to take the king's head and upon seeing Shin, recognize him as the one who killed Jo Kan. Looking to make up that failure, one of them launches himself at Shin only to be cut down by the boy.

As they observe Kyou Kai fighting Shin, they are shocked when she balances herself on his blade. Clan Gouma sneaks up from behind and kills the second member, leaving En Tei as the sole survivor as he duels with a Gouma assassin before stabbing him through the chest with his sword. En Tei escapes capture and meets with Kyou Kai, calling her sword greater than what the legends say. He offers to aid her in any way possible but she refuses and he leaves for his village.

Alliance Arc[]

A group of Shukyou assassins is posted at the royal capital when Ri Boku comes to meet with chancellor Ryo Fui.

State of Ai Arc[]

One Shukyou assassin is sent to spy on the king's mother, and the mysterious eunuch named Rou Ai. He overhears some shocking important facts, but before he can leave, he is killed by a poison dart.


Clan leader


Jo Kan portrait.PNG
Jo Kan
Death: slain by Ei Sei
Shu Kyou.png
Shu Kyou spy †


They are swift, silent assassins who wield swords or short daggers to eliminate their targets. They have great balance and martial skills above the average person.


Clan Shukyou assassins.jpg
Shukyou assassins dispose of their targets
Shukyou Assassin.png
A Shukyou assassin on the attack
Shu Kyou.png
a Shu Kyou spy