Clan Gouma
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Name Clan Gouma
Status Active
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Specialty Assassination

Clan Gouma is a clan of assassins.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Clan Gouma wear dark robes that blend into the background. They have masks, which cover their mouth and nose. They have pony tails and swords strapped to their back.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Clan Gouma are very arrogant and they have a superiority complex, viewing other assassin clans as inferior. They are cautious and they will use their full abilities to defeat an opponent. They are not above using unfair odds to crush their targets. They show a decent measure of respect to Clan Shiyuu.

Story[edit | edit source]

Assassination Plot Arc[edit | edit source]

Clan Gouma first appeared, along with Clan Kensen, Clan Shiyuu, Clan Shukyou and Clan Kakuriki at the behest of Ryo Fui in Kanyou. They were employed to assassinate the Qin king, Ei Sei. The leader expressed shock at the appearance of Clan Shiyuu, believing that they were only a legend.

They tracked Ei Sei down to a dead end and instantly disposed of a Clan Shukyou assassin. The leader of Clan Shukyou, En Tei traded blows with a Gouma assassin. Ka Ryo Ten of their number were sent to strike the killing blow on Ei Sei, however, Shin blocked their path. Initially, they considered Shin to be of no threat and they toyed with him. Shin moved in close, which distracted their attention from their main goal, and they swiftly dealt with him.

Their attention was drawn back to Kyou Kai, who began the Priestess Dance. She instantly killed six of their number, while four others managed to retreat from her range. The four assassins that avoided the inital onslaught felt true fear at not being able to comprehend what happened. The leader quickly deduced that the priestess dance can't last long and warns the members of his clan to try and outlast it. Kyou Kai quickly kills three assassins, before she collapses from exhaustion.

Entei noticing an opportunity and kills one of their clan, leaving three left alive. They see this as an opporunity to take down Ei Sei, however, Shou Bun Kun arrives with some guards and they kill one and capture the other two members of Clan Gouma. One of the assassins, who was still alive, attempts to kill the king, but he is quickly dispatched.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The Gouma Clan attacks in a stealthy and swift manner. Their martial might is similar to Clan Shukyou, however, their abilities pale in comparison to the mighty Clan Shiyuu. They can use the Black Crane Formation to eliminate their tagets.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Clan Gouma Approaches Ei Sei.png
Clan Gouma closes in on Ei Sei
Clan Gouma Arrive.png
Clan Gouma move in for the kill
Clan Gouma vs Clan Shukyou.png
Clan Gouma vs Clan Shukyou
Black crane formation.png
Clan Gouma surround Shin
Kyou Kai destroys Clan Gouma.png
Kyou Kai destroys Clan Gouma
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