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The Chu Military is capable of wiping a state off the map if they so choose which makes them an opponent other states prefer to avoid. However, since they share borders with multiple states over a large territory they have to be careful about moving their forces. The military structure is similar to that of other states in some aspects and is organized from top to bottom by: Great Generals, Generals, 5000-man commanders, 4000-man commanders, 3000-man commanders, 2000-man commanders, 1000-man commanders, 300-man commanders, 100-man commanders and finally Go's (five-man squads).

Head of Military Affairs[]

Shun Shin Kun portrait.png
Shun Shin Kun
Prime Minister of Chu
Four Lords of the Warring States
Commander-in-chief of the Coalition Army
Slain by assassins sent by Ri En

Great Generals[]

Kan Mei.png
Kan Mei
Leader of Kan Mei Army
The Giant of Chu
General of 3rd army of Chu and
Commander-in-chief of Chu army in the Battle of Kankoku Pass
Slain by Mou Bu
No image.PNG
Kou En
First-in-command of Chu Military
Leader of Kou En Army
The Tiger of Chu
Ka Rin portrait.PNG
Ka Rin
One of two Prime Ministers of Chu
Second-in-command of Chu Military
Leader of Ka Rin Army
Ren Pa portrait.PNG
Ren Pa
Leader of Ren Pa Army
Exiled from Zhao & Wei


Due to the gigantic difference in territory size between the other states and Chu, the difference in population between them is equally large. In other words, the number of people they are competing against is also different. However, Chu does not field a greater number of generals compared to any other state. This means that those that manage to climb to the top of the mountain in Chu have done so only after passing trials that are incomparable to other states. Only the absolute cream of the crop are capable of reaching the rank of general in Chu. It is commonly accepted in Chu that their generals are on par with the great generals of all the other states.

Kou Yoku portrait.PNG
Haku Rei portrait.PNG
Rin Bu Kun portrait.png
Rin Bu Kun
Leader of Rin Bu Kun Army
General of 1st army of Chu in the Battle of Kankoku Pass
Slain by Tou
Bei Man portrait.PNG
Bei Man
General & Strategist
Kan Mei Army (Defunct)
Gou Ma Sho portrait.PNG
Gou Ma Sho
General & Strategist
Kan Mei Army (Defunct)
Kyou En Portrait.png
Kai Shi Bou portrait.png
Lord of Juuko
Leader of Man'U Army
Gen'U close up.jpg
Sen To'Un
Leader of Sen To'Un Army
Gen'U portrait.PNG
Leader of Gen'U Army

5000-Man Commanders[]

Kyou Bou †
Kan Mei Army
Leader of Kyou Bou Unit
Slain by Mou Bu

1000-Man Commanders[]

Goku 2.png
Leader of Goku Unit
Rin Bu Kun Army
Slain by Roku O Mi


Jin Ou portrait.PNG
Jin Ou
Kan Mei Army (Defunct)
Bei Man portrait.PNG
Bei Man
General & Strategist
Kan Mei Army (Defunct)
Gou Ma Sho portrait.PNG
Gou Ma Sho
General & Strategist
Kan Mei Army (Defunct)
Ju Ko'Ou
Juuuko Army
Captured by Qin

Unspecified Commanders and Lieutenants[]

Ro Kin portrait.png
Ro Kin
Lieutenant of Rin Bu Kun army
Neck broken by Ka Rin
Bam Yu portrait.png
Bam Yu
Lieutenant of Ka Rin
Ka Rin Army
Ka En portrait.png
Chu Elephant Commander.png
Unkown †
War Elephants Commander
Slain by Roku O Mi
Gou Toku portrait.PNG
Koku Shi portrait.PNG
Koku Shi
Man U Army
Man U Honour Guard
Kai Hou
Man U Army
Man U Honour Guard

Military Machinery[]