Warring States
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Name Chu
Capital Chin
Location(s) China
The State of Chu is the largest single state and is located in the southern border of China. It is considered a super state and is capable of wiping a state off the map if they so choose too. Because of that, other states prefer to avoid conflict with the state of Chu.


Chu encompasses a large landmass that borders Qin, Zhao, Han, Wei and Qi. The Yangtze River flows through the country.

It is known to be a superpower and its size is equal to that of the other six states combined. Despite this, they are wary of who they attack as they share borders with 5 different states and could be invaded by any if they strike at one.


At one point Chu only had half its territory while Qi had the other half. But due to a joint coalition of the states, Qi lost all their possessions in the south which Chu absorbed into their kingdom. They have a strong military and normally the other states are wary on starting a war with them.

Once, years ago, one of Qin's Six Great Generals Oukotsu tried to conquer some of Chu's territories to which the Great General "Tiger of Chu" Kou En sent an army, led by Kanmei in his younger days, to meet the aggressors. Surprisingly, Kan Mei managed to wound Oukotsu with a single cut of his sword and forced him to head back to his homeland ashamed of his defeat. That failed attempt at Chu's lands was swiftly covered by Qin.

The land south of Chu is inhabited by the Baiyue people and this wild frontier could be seen as a training ground for Chu Generals as was seen for Rin Bu Kun.

Story Edit

Culture Edit

Not much is known on the culture of Chu as of yet, but the state is one of the leading states in metallurgic production. What is known is that being a general is of great honor and esteem as it is very competitive to be one due to Chu having a bigger population than the other states as stated by Rin Bu Kun.

Chu Royal Capital Chin

Royal Capital Chin of Chu

Government Edit

The state is a monarchy and was ruled by king Kou Retsu, with Shun Shin Kun as the prime minister. Together they ruled Chu with an Iron fist.

After the death of those two political figures, the current Prime Ministers are Ri En and Karin, under the "Double Prime Minister System". This system stabilized Chu within a month.

Royal Family: Edit

Kou Retsu
Kou Retsu
23rd King of Chu
Death: Passed away
Ei Etsu portrait
Ei Etsu - Royal Family member
No image
Kou En
First-in-Commander of Chu Military
Royal Family member
(Assumed based off "Kou" )
No image
24th King of Chu
Eldest son of Kou Retsu
Is actually Shun Shin Kun's Son
Chu Queen
Mother of the 24th king
Kou Retsu's Concubine
Shun Shin Kun's Concubine
Ri En
Older brother to mother of 24th King
Uncle to 24th king
Kou Retsu's younger bother

Prime Ministers: Edit

Ri En
Prime Minister of Chu
keeping the Chu Court in line
Ka Rin portrait
Ka Rin
Prime Minister of Chu
Second-in-command of Chu Military
Leader of Ka Rin Army
Shun Shin Kun portrait
Shun Shin Kun
Prime Minister of Chu
Four Lords of the Warring States
Commander-in-chief of the Coalition Army
Death: assassinated by an assassin sent by Ri En

Officals: Edit

Bam Yu portrait
Ko Reki Portrait
Ko Reki
Minister of Ai
Hoku Ryou of Chu
Hoku Ryou
Sent to Rou Ai to inform him the King of Chu recognizes him as a king.
Hou Chiku
Hou Chiku

Citizens Edit

Haku Sui
Haku Sui
Older sister of Haku Rei
Wife of Rin Bu Kun

Military Edit

Chu Military

Chu Military

The Chu Military is capable of wiping a state off the map, if they so choose which makes them an opponent other states prefer to avoid. The military structure is similar to that of other states in some aspects and is organized from top to bottom by; Great Generals, Generals, 1000-man commanders, 300-man commanders, 100-man commanders and finally Go's (five man units). It was said that they probably have over 1 million soldiers in their army.

Head of Military Affairs: Shun Shin Kun

Great Generals